Your Shoes and What They Say to Women about You

Men in general tend not to place too much emphasis on how they dress because hey, in the grand scheme of things, is it really that important? Unfortunately for guys all over the world, women tend to be exactly the opposite. Have you ever taken the time to consider about how you dress affects the opinion of women you meet? And not only that, have you considered what women might think about your shoes? If this seems kind of trivial, you’d be right. Unfortunately, it’s also something women (for whatever reason) seem to evaluate. So if you’ve ever wondered what your shoes say about you, read on to find out. Cross Trainers What they say: that you’re an athletic kind of guy who’s not afraid to spend money on training shoes. However, this isn’t always a good thing, particularly if you wear them all the time. If that’s the case, women are going to wonder A) if you’ve got some kind of odd attachment to those shoes, B) if you can’t afford other shoes or C) if you’re trying to show off because you’re very athletic. Long story short: it’s okay to wear cross trainers, IF you’re actually doing something athletic. If you’re not and you keep showing up for…

Why You Shouldn’t Stress Too Much About Manscaping

While most men aren’t as neurotic about their appearances as women can be, there are still definitely times when even the most confident among us are worried about what we look like. This is what can lead to those weird last-minute manscaping sessions where we contemplate whether we need more bush or less bush in order to make our dick look better than adequate. The thing is, there’s no reason to stress about that kind of crap. If you’re able to seal the deal with a sexy woman and she’s eager and willing to get naked with you, she’s not going to be scrutinizing your body with a practiced eye and grading you on a scale from one to ten. And that’s not the only reason why you shouldn’t stress, either. She’s More Worried Than You This is almost guaranteed. As concerned as you might be about your naked body, rest assure that she’s far more worried about hers. It might seem ridiculous-after all, she’s smoking hot. However, many women deal with an inexplicable poor self-image. So don’t about the fact that maybe you’ve got a bit of a FUPA going on or that there’s an ingrown hair high on your right thigh. Unless you point those things out she…

Why You Should Always Hook up With Your Friends If You Can

“Make sure that she enjoys your company” No one really wants to be the wingman. Everyone wants to be the guy who gets all the women, all the time. That makes sense, but going the extra mile for your friends can really pay off for you in a big way. If you have the chance to hookup or hook your friend up, of course you should get in on that yourself. There are times when she’s not your type or you’ve already been there, done that or you struck out with her and the playing field is wide open for your buddy. Should you go through with it? Here’s why when you have the chance to hook your friend up, you always should. They’ll Get You Back The biggest and most important point is that they’re going to repay the favor at some point. If you’re a good wingman now in a few weeks you’re going to have a hot woman served up to you on a silver platter. It’s going to be the easiest hookup you’ve ever had. If your friends are true friends they’re not going to just forget what you did for them. Make it clear that you expect some kind of payback for making that happen.…

Why the Wingman Gets Laid More Often

Being the wingman is a little bit like being the third wheel on a tricycle. You’re the one making things lame, but it wouldn’t even be possible without you. Everyone’s relying on you to make things run smoothly. If you’re feeling down because you’re going to have to be the wingman at the next night out and you think your time will be ruined, think again. Wingmen get laid way more often than the men they’re trying to set up. Here’s why it’s better to be the wingman than the main man when you see a score of hot women. Hard Sell Versus Soft Sell “Don’t forget that you are the wingman” Pushy salesmen make sales. It’s not like no one has ever bought a used car from a man who practically stuffed one down their throats. Hard sell works. The tactics that they use might be harsh, but they’re effective. The main man in your set up is the hard sell guy. He’s here to make sure that the ladies have sex with him. Him, him, and only him. It’s all about pushing that one option. It often works out, too. So there’s nothing really wrong with that. On the other hand, there’s you. You’re the wingman. You’re the…

When to Commit to Picking up One Woman

“It is difficult to choose one out of these beauties” An accurate but depressing view of the night is to think of it as a pool that’s slowly draining. At the start of the night, it’s full and you can jump right in. You’re surrounded by water. Then, over time, little cracks start forming. The water leaks out, and the water level lowers, and soon you’re standing in less and less water. You’re running out of options of where to splash and how much water you can waste. Going to a bar or the club is like that. At the start of the night it’s jam packed with sexy ladies, but as time goes on more and more of them leave. If you want to interest them and have a little fun yourself you have to know where the tipping point is between too many options to settle down and settling down before your best option is taken. A Third of the Way into the Night For the first third of the night you should mix and mingle. Spend a lot of time on the dance floor. Chat with a lot of different women and promise them that you’re going to be back to talk soon. Case the bar so…

What Your Online Dating Profile Should NOT Be Saying About You

It’s tough sometimes online to figure out what you should be saying and what you shouldn’t be saying. This is especially true when it comes to filling out your profile after you sign up on a dating site. You want to give the right kind of information, but too much or the wrong kind of information can either lead to you getting no attention from the ladies or lead to you getting bad attention from other people entirely. If you’re not sure just what you don’t want your profile to say, keep reading to find out. How Much You Earn As temping as it might be to boast about your salary online, it’s a really bad idea. Yeah, it might attract some attention from the ladies but it will be for all the wrong reasons. Unless you’re looking to become a sugar daddy, you might want to keep that kind of thing quiet until you know a woman better. Boasting about how much you make a year is also a bad idea because it can attract the attention of other people who are only interested in scamming others. If someone is so inclined, they might try to hack into your bank account or credit card account, merely because they saw…

What Women Really Want in a Casual Fling

Believe it or not, it’s totally possible to know what women want. No matter what she might be like otherwise, all women want the same three basic things from a casual fling. If you can hit the right notes during the rest of the night, you can make sure that she always sees you in the right light. She might not be able to verbalize what she wants to hear, but if you’re clear on your same points you’ll put her subconscious fears to rest and you’ll up the odds that you’re going home with her tonight. To Know They’ll Be Respected Face it: most men want to sleep with women casually, but all they do is talk trash about the women who let them. Women have to be really careful who they go home with. A single rude, ungrateful guy can really mess up her reputation. She just wants to have some fun, and you just want to have some fun. You should let her know that you’re not going to be the kind of guy who blabs her secrets all over. How can you do that besides promising that you’ll respect her in the morning? Watch the way you talk about other women in front of her. You…

What Underwear to Wear When You Get Laid

“Wear an underwear according to your body type” As guys we tend to not put any thought into what we wear when we’re going to have sex. Sure, we may have fancier clothes picked out for dates or know that we should look moderately clean. But what about when you’re on a hookup site and you finally get a bite? You are going to simply be bumping bellies with this woman, so you don’t have to worry about her finding you attractive. While you should still be clean and presentable, what you should really be thinking about is what you’re wearing in the sack. Look at That Body It’s hard to objectively look at our own bodies, but give it a shot. There are a ton of different shapes you could be, but try to boil it down. Note if you’re a cylinder, triangle, or circle. This is pretty self-explanatory, so once you’ve got it pick what fits best below. Cylinders “Boxers are a great fit for cylindrical shaped men” Cylindrical guys are also known as being barrel chested. They are shaped like a soda can. That’s fine, they can pull off the boxer short really well because of this. The baggy legs will go with your straight body without…

What to Do When Casual Sex Becomes Not So Casual

Everything about casual sex relationships is awesome. No commitment, no emotions, no expectations-it’s pretty much the dude version of heaven. Unfortunately, most good things aren’t built to last for extended periods of time before wearing down and this is also true for relationships based around sex. As much as you want it to keep going the way it is, chances are that it won’t. When this happens, things can get kind of tricky because you need to find a way out of the relationship that isn’t going to lead to broken hearts, rage, and name-calling. Not sure how to go about it? Just keep reading. All the advice you’ll ever need is right here. Remind Her of the Agreement Most people who are doing the “friends with benefits” thing or just hooking up every now and then with a casual acquaintance have talked about it to one extent or another. Usually what’s talked about is how to avoid making this amazing situation into a train wreck relationship. Both sides probably agree to not take things too seriously and to only want each other for sex. Simple enough, right? Unfortunately, when emotions get involved all that stuff flies out the window. So if your partner starts dropping the L-word and starts…

What She Expects During a Hookup

As guys we all know what we want during a hookup: sex with no strings attached. Women may play the field and say that they want that too, but it’s seriously so rare. Ladies almost always expect something different during a hookup than you would ever, ever expect. When you do find the right chick to be your jump off, then know that you’re not just some guy to her, you’re so much more, even if you’re temporary. Companionship “Compliment her and be her companion for the night” Women want to be held and be told they’re sexy and to feel like they aren’t quite alone. By hooking up with a guy, even just once or twice, those are nights that she’s not spending alone. She gets to cuddle up to someone for at least a little while. If not that she’s in bed with another human being. It can be hard for women to leave that behind, but then again guys deal with it too. Satisfy this craving of hers by complimenting her over the top throughout your night together and then, very politely, part ways the next day. Sex Getting back into a dating game is just as hard for women as it is for guys sometimes. Sure,…


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