3 Tips for Picking a Cologne

“Pick a cologne that suits your style”

Deodorant isn’t enough when you’re going to the club. Deodorant is what you throw on when you don’t want to smell like sweaty pits. Don’t misunderstand, deodorant is required before you head to a hot, crowded club and hit the dance floor. It won’t give you an edge, though. If all women required from a man was “don’t smell like pits” then a lot more guys would be hooking up every night. Still not all of us, but what can you do? If you’re already rocking the “no disgusting body odor” style, you can step up your game by adding some cologne on top. Don’t think that this is going to be a walk in the park, however. Cologne can be tough to decide on and use, so these three tips are needed to help you steer the right direction.

Less Is More

“Do not apply too much of it”

This applies to the cologne style and the application. You shouldn’t be doing more than giving yourself a little spritz with this stuff. It tends to be concentrated, and is designed to keep you smelling like the spotlight, or cool ice, or whatever scent you pick for hours at a time. There’s no need to use it instead of hair gel, or substitute it for a shower. This should be a surprising, pleasing scent that a woman only smells once you get close to her. It should be between you and a woman within kissing distance, and that’s it.

When you’re sniffing various colognes at the store, find one that has a lighter scent. Some colognes are musky and heavy, and most of those will be a disappointment for you. They’re going to come off way too strong and you’ll be choking yourself and giving yourself a headache before you even meet the great woman you’re going to take home. Ease back and use a little bit of a naturally lighter scent for the best effect.

Make Sure It Mixes Well with Your Smell

You don’t want your cologne to settle at odds with your natural scent. This isn’t talking about the sweaty, body odor smell that gathers under your arms. Everyone has a natural scent. It’s to do with your body chemistry, the oils your skin produces, and so on. Everyone has one but you typically don’t notice it unless you’re putting your nose against their skin. What you should do before you buy a cologne is spray on a tester and then go for a walk. After a little while mixing in, you should sniff yourself again. A cologne that clashes with your body chemistry will combine to produce a smell that’s sour and off putting. There’s really nothing you can do to alter your body chemistry enough to make it smell nice. Just cut your losses and pick a different cologne.

Steer Clear of Flowering Mixes

Only a few colognes use a lot of floral scents because they smell like perfume. In the club there’re going to be a lot of women wearing a lot of perfume. You want to stand out from them so pick a non-floral cologne.


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