4 Common Excuses Women Give to Blow You Off

Men aren’t the only ones who give people the brush off. Women have also been known to tell men what they want to hear in the most condescending manner in order to blow them off. If you think that she may be trying to let you down not all that gently, be on the lookout for these four common excuses. Women use them all the time, and if you hear one you should just pack it in. She’s not going to be swayed by you, no matter how much you work out. You shouldn’t waste your time with a woman who doesn’t want you. There are plenty of grateful fish in the sea.

She Doesn’t Feel Well

“She’ll tell you that she is not feeling well”

People sometimes don’t feel well. It happens. Even when they’d otherwise love to be having the time of their life riding you like a bucking stallion, they don’t feel well. When a woman doesn’t feel up to it, she’ll apologize and try to figure out when she can reschedule do that things will work out. When she’s making it up, all you’re going to hear is that she can’t go out with you or have you come over because she doesn’t feel well. End of conversation.

She’s Busy Right Now

If she’s always busy “right now”, she’s trying to tell you to stop talking to her. Being busy literally right now is a great way to end a conversation abruptly. She doesn’t have to ever text you back or call again, and there’s nothing that you can say. Every addition second you try to keep her on the phone just labels you as a jerk who doesn’t know what “right now” means. The best thing that you can do if you find that she’s always busy right now is assume she’s just blowing you off. Forget about her; you didn’t want to have to squeeze into her available time anyway if she’s that busy.

Her Friend Is Waiting for Her

“I have to go as my friend is waiting for me”

If you’re at the bar and she says that she has to go because her friend is waiting for her, you’ve been dismissed. Sometimes men see that as their chance to be the hero; all they have to do is appear with a friend for her friend and they can all go out together. That’s almost never what she means. Usually she says that her friend is waiting for her because that’s her excuse. She always has a friend who needs her right now just so that she can leave conversations she doesn’t feel like having. It’s a pretty standard tactic.

She’s Not a Good Texter

This is the most baffling way that women choose to blow off the guys who are trying to hit on them. If you’re texting her and she keeps sending one word responses, do you give up? Of course not. You try harder. If you ever call her on her lack of response, all she has to say is that she’s not a good texter. Unless you’re hitting on an 85 year old woman (no judging) she doesn’t have that excuse.


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