Tips for Asking Out That Woman at Work

"Go to her desk again and again for some or the other work"

“Go to her desk again and again for some or the other work”

We’ve all been in this spot before: trying to get some work done at the office or in the shop, only to be distracted by the smoking hot chick that works the same shift. While most guys would just leave well enough alone and keep their hopes of asking this girl out stuck in fantasy land, you don’t have to be a part of this group. With the right approach and a few key tips, there’s nothing stopping you from swinging for the fences and landing a date with the dream girl at work.

Cut out the Extra Noise

Before going any further with your plans, it’s important to prepare for all the talking that comes with asking someone out at work. Because people can’t help but gossip and stick their noses into the business of others, you’ll need to be ready to cut out all the extra noise and warnings that pop up from time to time. Whether it’s the old saying about dating coworkers or letting it slip to your buddy in accounting that you plan on asking her out, these distractions can wreak havoc on your confidence and focus as you try to work up the courage to get things in motion.

Keep It Casual

Once you’re ready to talk to her, you’ll need to avoid going full-on creeper and ruining the moment if you want any chance for this to be a success. Instead of walking up with sweaty palms and a stuttered greeting, spend a few moments relaxing and taking on a casual mindset. By staying cool and calm, you’ll have a better shot at appearing confident and charming, which is your best bet for a positive response. From here, just try to keep the conversation lighthearted as you get to your date request. Savoring the moment and finding the right time to ask her is a way better plan than blurting it out before you even say hello.

Do It Discretely

"Don't let others know that there is something between the two of you"

“Don’t let others know that there is something between the two of you”

Another key tip is finding the right time and place to ask her out. One of the biggest rookie mistakes out there is asking her out in a public setting. Not only does this make it awkward for her if she’s not quite ready for a date, it also exposes you to the prying eyes of all those nosy people we talked about earlier. You’re much better off doing it when you can catch her alone in the break room or a seemingly chance meeting in the hallway. This way, you’ll get an honest answer and avoid putting the stress on her that comes with doing private things in a public place.

Don’t Just Wing It

Finally, there’s no shame in rehearsing your lines a little bit. This doesn’t mean you need to write a speech and read it verbatim when you make your move. Instead, it’s all about having an outline and a plan if she says yes. By offering up dinner and a movie or just a simple cup of coffee at the place down the street, you’ll have a better shot at scoring a first date with her than if you give her a confused look when she says yes. Once you’ve gotten this far, chances are you’ll be well on your way to making all the other guys at work jealous with your new squeeze.


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