What to Do When Casual Sex Becomes Not So Casual

Everything about casual sex relationships is awesome. No commitment, no emotions, no expectations-it’s pretty much the dude version of heaven. Unfortunately, most good things aren’t built to last for extended periods of time before wearing down and this is also true for relationships based around sex. As much as you want it to keep going the way it is, chances are that it won’t. When this happens, things can get kind of tricky because you need to find a way out of the relationship that isn’t going to lead to broken hearts, rage, and name-calling. Not sure how to go about it? Just keep reading. All the advice you’ll ever need is right here.

Remind Her of the Agreement

"Is she getting attached to you?"

“Is she getting attached to you?”

Most people who are doing the “friends with benefits” thing or just hooking up every now and then with a casual acquaintance have talked about it to one extent or another. Usually what’s talked about is how to avoid making this amazing situation into a train wreck relationship. Both sides probably agree to not take things too seriously and to only want each other for sex. Simple enough, right? Unfortunately, when emotions get involved all that stuff flies out the window. So if your partner starts dropping the L-word and starts bugging you to do the same, it’s time to remind her of the agreement you made when this all began. Emphasize how you aren’t looking to get tied down and that for you, it was all about sex. She’ll either get the point or she won’t, but in any case at least you can say you tried.

Distance Yourself

"Distance yourself from her as soon as you find her getting attached"

“Distance yourself from her as soon as you find her getting attached”

If your casual sex partner is looking to become not so casual, it’s time to start distancing yourself so she gets the big picture. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk to her unless you’re horny. This means that you shouldn’t talk to her at all. Doing so is only going to make her think you’re still interested in forming a relationship with her (which you aren’t). So it’s time for you to cut all strings. Don’t call her for sex. Don’t text her for sex. Don’t Skype her for sex. If you’re horny, you’re going to have to find another outlet. The sooner you make distance between the two of you, the sooner she’ll figure out that a serious, extended relationship is not on the cards.

Find Another

It might seem like a heartless thing to do, but one of the best ways to let her know that the two of you becoming soul mates is not going to happen is to start hooking up with other women. Yes, you’re going to look like a huge dick if you do this. Yes, she’ll probably be angry. Yes, your reputation will probably take a dive. Still, this will accomplish what you want it too. She’ll realize you’re only out to get laid and that you’re not looking for anything that involves commitment or emotions. If you decide to use this tactic, just be prepared to become public enemy #1 with all your mutual friends. If that doesn’t bother you, just continue on.


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