What Underwear to Wear When You Get Laid

“Wear an underwear according to your body type”

As guys we tend to not put any thought into what we wear when we’re going to have sex. Sure, we may have fancier clothes picked out for dates or know that we should look moderately clean. But what about when you’re on a hookup site and you finally get a bite? You are going to simply be bumping bellies with this woman, so you don’t have to worry about her finding you attractive. While you should still be clean and presentable, what you should really be thinking about is what you’re wearing in the sack.

Look at That Body

It’s hard to objectively look at our own bodies, but give it a shot. There are a ton of different shapes you could be, but try to boil it down. Note if you’re a cylinder, triangle, or circle. This is pretty self-explanatory, so once you’ve got it pick what fits best below.


“Boxers are a great fit for cylindrical shaped men”

Cylindrical guys are also known as being barrel chested. They are shaped like a soda can. That’s fine, they can pull off the boxer short really well because of this. The baggy legs will go with your straight body without actually looking baggy. It’s sort of like a skinny dude wearing skinny jeans. No one thinks anything of it until they see him in a straight legged pair and then they realize how weird it is that they’re huge on him. Boxer shorts also tend to be cheap and comfortable.


Triangles are the guys that workout or are naturally buff enough to be smaller at the hips than they are at the shoulders. These types of bodies are the only ones that can wear tighty whities. Sure, you can do the boxer-briefs, but boxer shorts will look way too sloppy and big on you. The boxer-briefs can even make your hips look smaller if they aren’t snug. Women would only make fun of the childlike tighty whities on someone who couldn’t pull them off. Your toned body will distract them from any such thoughts.


Circles are just men shaped like spheres. You’re overweight, it’s cool, we’ve all got a little something extra. Believe it or not, the tighter fit of the boxer brief actually looks really good on you. You may be tempted towards the boxers to try and hide some of that, but don’t. You’ll just look rumpled. The boxer-brief shows off your legs in a way most men shouldn’t care about. Point being that the ladies will instead notice that you’ve got particularly built thighs. Of course your legs will be strong, so why not show them off a little?

Picking the underwear that’s right for you is going to be a way to make her remember the night even more. Women notice small details like this, and the fact that you wear something that flatters your shape will stick out in her mind. As a guy it’s hard to keep track of the “rules” for bodies out there. Just stick to cylinder, triangle, and circle.


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