Why the Wingman Gets Laid More Often

Being the wingman is a little bit like being the third wheel on a tricycle. You’re the one making things lame, but it wouldn’t even be possible without you. Everyone’s relying on you to make things run smoothly. If you’re feeling down because you’re going to have to be the wingman at the next night out and you think your time will be ruined, think again. Wingmen get laid way more often than the men they’re trying to set up. Here’s why it’s better to be the wingman than the main man when you see a score of hot women.

Hard Sell Versus Soft Sell

“Don’t forget that you are the wingman”

Pushy salesmen make sales. It’s not like no one has ever bought a used car from a man who practically stuffed one down their throats. Hard sell works. The tactics that they use might be harsh, but they’re effective. The main man in your set up is the hard sell guy. He’s here to make sure that the ladies have sex with him. Him, him, and only him. It’s all about pushing that one option. It often works out, too. So there’s nothing really wrong with that.

On the other hand, there’s you. You’re the wingman. You’re the soft sell guy. You’re there to list all the benefits of the package, what it has to offer, why the ladies should choose it. Often you’re not really saying anything different than the hard sell guy, but people respond to the idea that they all have a choice. Soft sell makes way more sales over all than hard sell because people hate to feel pushed. They like to think they made the choice entirely on their own, and soft sell does that. When you’re their wingman they think that they’re choosing you when really you chose them all along.

Tries to Be Interesting Not Sexy

Sometimes there’s nothing more ridiculous than a man trying to be sexy. When men want attention from women there’s really no lengths they won’t go to. That’s what leads to all the preening, all the aggressive chatting up at bars, and all the frustration when things don’t work out. A wingman doesn’t try to be sexy for the women he’s chatting to (and so he doesn’t look like a fool nearly so often.) All he’s trying to do is seem interesting. He’s phase one, and soon they’ll meet the main man and decide if they’re going to continue or not. A lot of women actually prefer a good conversation to other forms of compatibility, so the wingman gets more points for not trying too hard.

There’s Always a Rejected Woman Close By

“See if you can impress her”

When you’re a wingman you know that a lot of the matches just don’t work out. Your friend sees someone hotter and abandons who he was talking to, which leaves her alone and sad and ready for you to sweep her off her feet. If you can go with a man who has poor taste in women you’ll find that he leaves you all the classy, beautiful women fit to be swept off their feet.


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