Why You Should Always Hook up With Your Friends If You Can

“Make sure that she enjoys your company”

No one really wants to be the wingman. Everyone wants to be the guy who gets all the women, all the time. That makes sense, but going the extra mile for your friends can really pay off for you in a big way. If you have the chance to hookup or hook your friend up, of course you should get in on that yourself. There are times when she’s not your type or you’ve already been there, done that or you struck out with her and the playing field is wide open for your buddy. Should you go through with it? Here’s why when you have the chance to hook your friend up, you always should.

They’ll Get You Back

The biggest and most important point is that they’re going to repay the favor at some point. If you’re a good wingman now in a few weeks you’re going to have a hot woman served up to you on a silver platter. It’s going to be the easiest hookup you’ve ever had. If your friends are true friends they’re not going to just forget what you did for them. Make it clear that you expect some kind of payback for making that happen. They’ll get the picture and you’ll be glad that you helped them out.

Let’s say that hookup leads to something more for them. All of a sudden you have a whole new pool to date and hookup in: his girlfriend’s friends. Being the guy who set them up is basically being handed an all access pass to the cream of the crop of his new girlfriend’s besties. Enjoy.

You Can Watch Them Struggle or Succeed

“There’s the right girl for you, bro!”

Of course, even if things don’t work out for him you can still watch what happens. It’s always good to watch another guy succeed or fail. In the moment you can find yourself unsure what to do; that’s when you have to fall back on what you learned before you started chatting to this particular woman. Watching your friend strike out shows you what not to do. Don’t laugh too loud, don’t crowd her too close too soon or she’ll get skittish. If he succeeds, though, you can steal his patented moves and try them out yourself on the next sweet, hot thing that crosses your path. There’s really no downside to being the wingman.

Wingman Skills Are Even Harder to Get than Hookup Skills

Getting a good reputation as a wingman can get you invited out so easily. You’ll have all the free beer you can drink if you promise to set your pal up with a bunch of women by the end of the night. It’s harder to be the wingman than to actually be the guy hooking up; the wingman has to show restraint. Any practice that you can get will take you closer to the day all your friends take you out just so you can point babes their direction. It’s a tough job, but your life will be better if you do it.


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