Why You Shouldn’t Stress Too Much About Manscaping

While most men aren’t as neurotic about their appearances as women can be, there are still definitely times when even the most confident among us are worried about what we look like. This is what can lead to those weird last-minute manscaping sessions where we contemplate whether we need more bush or less bush in order to make our dick look better than adequate. The thing is, there’s no reason to stress about that kind of crap. If you’re able to seal the deal with a sexy woman and she’s eager and willing to get naked with you, she’s not going to be scrutinizing your body with a practiced eye and grading you on a scale from one to ten. And that’s not the only reason why you shouldn’t stress, either.

She’s More Worried Than You

"Don't be shy"

“Don’t be shy”

This is almost guaranteed. As concerned as you might be about your naked body, rest assure that she’s far more worried about hers. It might seem ridiculous-after all, she’s smoking hot. However, many women deal with an inexplicable poor self-image. So don’t about the fact that maybe you’ve got a bit of a FUPA going on or that there’s an ingrown hair high on your right thigh. Unless you point those things out she probably won’t even notice them (or care). So just relax, lie back, and enjoy letting her ride.

She’s Seen Worse

You’ve probably heard the saying about how every woman has to kiss a few frogs before she finds her prince. You should take it to heart. No matter how concerned you are by your appearance when you’re butt naked, always remember that she’s likely seen worse than you. So if you’re stressing because you didn’t manscape as much as you should have, just chill-you’re probably looking way better than some of her other partners ever have.

She Might Like it Natural

"Don't worry about your natural chest hair"

“Don’t worry about your natural chest hair”

Just like how some guys like ladies with a little hair in all the right places, some ladies like men with hair in certain places, too. You might be freaking out about your much defined treasure trail or the fact that you’ve got hair on your chest, but your partner might actually get turned on by that kind of thing. No two women are going to have exactly the same tastes when it comes to men, which is good news for you. Besides, you’ll never know what she likes unless you expose it to her, so hold off shaving. If she doesn’t like it she’ll let you know. If she does, you won’t need to worry about manscaping for as along as you’re together.

She Might Be a Little Lax

There are some ladies out there who just aren’t worried about shaving constantly, which means that she might be rocking her own wild bush and some legs with stubble. If this doesn’t bother you and you still find her attractive, it also means you need to stop stressing over what you did or didn’t do the last time you were in the middle of manscaping. If she’s comfortable enough with her own body to let thing slide a bit, you should be too.


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