Review: An Awful Site to Get Laid on Without a Doubt

The thing about is that it ultimately just doesn’t even close to hitting the mark of what makes a good hookup site. It claims to be free…but it really isn’t. We hate being lied to. This site ultimately just lies to our face at every single occasion. That’s because this whole site just doesn’t care about actually helping you meet women–it wants money. It might claim to be free, but the thing is, it does ask for your credit card upon sign up. This is really sketchy, and really solid proof that it’s never going to be truthful to you. They authorize a number of charges on this site without your permission, and if that isn’t scary, it should be. This site just ultimately is one big scam after another for us. It’s not safe. On top of this, this site is honestly very poorly monitored. There’s no way that you’re really going to be able to sit down and use this site in a coherent manner for hookups. This is because every chance that you might have to meet a woman is honestly going to be…well, a scam. These ladies are basically all fakes, and we could tell with a glance. With that in mind, this site just… Review: Why It Doesn’t Make the Grade as a Site to Get Laid

The moment that we took a look at is the moment that we realized it was just completely and utterly full of crap. This site is just an outright scam. It lies about everything. First and foremost…53 million members? Yeah, right. We took one look at that and realized that it was doing nothing but lying, and that’s why it was just plain pathetic. This whole site just ended up missing the mark for us, and that’s why we ultimately couldn’t wait to get out of here. This site just really started off lying and kept on going. If it had anywhere near those numbers, then we would have definitely be able to see some actual results here. Instead, it just ended up giving us absolutely nothing. It’s pathetic, really. The more time you spend looking at this site, the more you’re going to realize that there’s no way there are anywhere near those kinds of numbers around. It’s just dead. It really does try to claim that there are a ton of active members in our tiny town, too, and that’s the kind of thing that immediately makes us roll our eyes. It doesn’t work. Sites like this really just give hookup sites a bad name from start… Review: Really Pathetic and Not a Good Site to Get Laid On

The main problem with starts with the layout, which, for us, is honestly one of the worst that we’ve seen. That definitely drives customers away in spades. This means less women. When a site just doesn’t even try to make an attempt at a good layout, that’s when you honestly just have to count on the fact that the site isn’t going to be good at all. This is the sort of thing that just really ends up rubbing us the wrong way. We found ourselves grinding our teeth just from the start of our review because of the inactivity. When a hookup site doesn’t even have anywhere near the numbers that it needs, there’s a very slim chance that you’ll ever be able to meet anyone. We proved that here. It’s devoid of ladies, basically. The other main issue that this site suffers from is a very common one with hookup sites, and that’s ultimately that it ends up only catering to men. That just doesn’t work. We immediately logon to a site that’s just full of fake profiles that have ladies with spread legs and chests bared. That’s not good, and it’s really not going to make ladies join. This means that your chances of finding real… Review: A Pretty Horrible Example of a Good Site to Get Laid

We’re not sure if we’ve ever groaned as much as we did on a site like There are a lot of reasons for that, but the blatant pornographic nature of it is just not good. It doesn’t work. Not only is the layout just plain offensive–what is with that horrible model that they picked out, anyway?–but the fact that it doesn’t cater to ladies at all is just plain awful. A hookup site desperately needs the intimate atmosphere of a sexy lounge or something akin to that in order to bring in the numbers of women that it needs to succeed. This site doesn’t have any of that. Instead, it just has a lot of naked women running around and generally looking like their pictures were stolen straight out of a porno. It’s not good. This, of course, ultimately leads to a very, very empty site. This is the kind of thing that no one wants to see when it comes to hookup sites, least of all us on a review. We really did try to find real women on here, but mostly you’re going to end up running into fake profiles that claim to be in your city when they really and obviously aren’t. You’ll also see a… Review: A Pathetic Example of Good Sites to Get Laid On

The problem with is that the front page really doesn’t give you anything good to expect…unless you’re looking for a lot of tits, and that’s just not appealing to women at all. That means the site is dead. We came into this site with very low expectations, and trust us, that was a good thing. There’s just not much to this site except a lot of escorts, and they’ve taken over. With a site like that, you really do have to be careful about who you message. That’s not something that we really wanted to deal with when it came to hookup sites at all. With sites like this one, you ultimately are just going to be paranoid the whole time. We were constantly nervous that we would end up messaging the wrong girl here. It’s not a fun experience. As we desperately tried to wade our way through this site, we were really just unhappy with the number of members that were around. There’s no real good ratio. This means that your chances of finding real women on here to actually hookup with is a very slim thing. We definitely weren’t happy with the numbers that we saw. With that in mind, it was a relief to get… Review: It Just Plain Isn’t a Good Site to Get Laid On

With sites like, you get the distinct impression that those designing the site have no idea what they were doing…especially when it comes to bringing ladies to the site. It’s all about men. This site caters very strongly to men, and that’s an unfortunate thing. The longer we stuck around on this site, the fewer women we ultimately ended up seeing online. That’s because mostly, the ladies just want to leave. Why would they want to sit around on a hookup site that only seems to center on boobs and butts? It’s just worthless for them. These ladies aren’t really the type to want to deal with a site that clearly just has pornographic images posted everywhere, either, and that’s ultimately all that this site is. It’s no good. When a hookup site just can’t even begin to cater to the ladies, you end up with this kind of a monstrosity…and you also end up with a hookup site that’s dead in the water. The more time we spent here, the more we realized that there was ultimately no chance that it was ever going to end up giving us any sort of a hookup, and that was sad. That’s because there’s just nothing going on here. If you… Review: A Pathetic Example of a Good Site to Get Laid On

Here’s the thing: sites like really don’t have anything close to lonely wives around. They have escorts at the very most, and that’s not any good. It’s all a fake site. The more that you use hookup sites, the more you’re going to come to realize that sites like this are only out to steal your money and end up in your inbox nonstop. The moment that we signed onto this site is the moment that we realized it was just cluttered with fake profiles, or worse, escorts that were all ‘vying’ for our affection. This is really not the kind of environment that you want to be in. The thing is, it’s obvious just from the front page…because immediately, all that you’re going to see is boobs. That doesn’t bring real women in. When a site has nothing but boobs and butts plastered all over the front page, there’s no real way that any legitimate woman is going to want to join up and be a part of it. That’s because the site is clearly just catering to men, and therefore will only attract a very certain crowd. We figured that out with just a single glance at the site. This means that ultimately, there’s no real way… Review: It’s Definitely Not a Good Site to Get Laid On

When it comes to sites like, what is there left to do but honestly just laugh? This site is really just shockingly bad, and we proved that with our review. It’s just laughable. While this site might look like an entertaining ride at first glance, that’s really not the case. It’s full of escorts, and that’s the sort of thing that just makes us grind our teeth. The other thing about it is that it’s just hilariously stupid. That’s because it really does try to cling to the idea of ‘commandments’, as if it can give you good advice through them. Trust us–that’s not going to happen. It mostly is just laughably hilarious in how awful it all is, and that’s the kind of thing that just really ends up rubbing us the wrong way. It’s funny until you get scammed. At the end of the day, this site is mostly just a hunting ground for scam artists and a lot of different escorts. This is definitely not the kind of thing that we want to deal with. With that in mind, we found ourselves a little bit paranoid the whole time that we were on this site, which is the exact opposite of what any hookup site should… Review: This Site Isn’t a Good Site to Get Laid On in the Slightest claims to have over a million members, which is definitely a flat out lie, especially when you taken into consideration that number never really seems to go up. It’s all a scam. Every single part of this site seems to do a really good job of being a scam. They post a ton of fake profiles right on the front page, claiming that these women are in our area. They definitely aren’t. First of all, the number of available women that they quoted for our tiny town was that of something far more than the population in the town alone. This is a pretty good indicator that you’re jumping into a vat of fakes, and that’s really not something that we’re happy about. This is the kind of site that just rubs us the wrong way. It doesn’t appeal, either. We can usually forgive a half-hearted layout, but this site doesn’t even have that problem. It just has the problem of not appealing to anyone at all except very horny men. This is the kind of site that’s never really going to end up getting any sort of adult women to join. Instead, you’re mostly just going to see a ton of fake profiles all over the place. With… Review: It Fails As a Good Site to Get Laid On

It’s always painfully obvious when a site like is trying to reel in visitors into joining. This site just loves to lie about who is actually ‘available’ in your area. It’s obvious. Sites like this really don’t want to do anything when it comes to actually giving you a legitimate experience. Mostly, they just want you to join and spend money on their site. This is really just gross behavior, especially when they’re posting up fake profiles in order to do it. They’re outright lying about who lives where on the front page of the site. This is the kind of thing that really makes us want to never come back to a site ever again. It’s the kind of thing that proves that it’s just not worth it to even try on that particular site. We weren’t wrong. The longer we stuck around on this site, the more we realized that it was really just nothing but one big vat of scammers all in one place. That’s just not something we enjoyed. A site like this one doesn’t serve any purpose except to scam you repeatedly. It’s not going to do anything but send you spam mail, either, as that’s what we got in our inbox. With a…


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