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It's been around for years, and has a formula that really works. Unlike some sites, it knows how to bring in members, kick out scammers, and provide a great experience. is a very old, very established site…and that’s a very good thing in many ways. It’s why we ultimately just wanted to keep coming back to it for more.

This site just plain works.

This site definitely has a formula that they like to stick to, and for good reason. It really does work, and it’s one of those sites that really just keeps on trucking onward.

CTA AdultFriendFinder image

With a site like this one, you’re never going to have a shortage of variety. This is coupled with the fact that it constantly advertises and gets new members all the time.

These are all signs of a thriving hookup site, and that’s really what people need. They need to be able to see that a site is actually alive and functioning, and this one is.

You can relax here.

Because this site is so well-established, there’s really never going to be a question of quality at stake. This is just a site that really does know what it’s doing.

overlay AdultFriendFinder image

The name doesn’t lie, you’ll definitely find the hookups you need on this site. The population is out of this world on AdultFriendFinder

We never had a problem getting the ladies that we wanted here. Instead, we really did find ourselves being able to relax, have fun, and just meet different women.

With that in mind, you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting in here. It’s a site for all kinds of people, and it’s definitely a site that can deliver on its word of quality and fun.

These Numbers Stood Out

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our AdultFriendFinder review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 120 chat messages to ladies online.

It was excellent.

From those 120 chat messages, we managed to get a grand total of 69 responses total. This was awesome, and it definitely proved to us how good the site was.

From those 69 responses, a grand total of 11 ladies actually wanted to meet up with us, and that was really setting the bar high for the rest of the review that we had.

A total of 3 women actually showed up, and ultimately, we hooked up with 2 of them. We were really happy with these results, and we definitely had a great time here.

Great Messages That Worked

Chat Message 1: “Hi, Beatrice. I saw that you were really into foreign languages, and I think that’s really sexy. I love a woman that can speak with an accent for sure.

If you’ve got any tips for learning that sort of thing, I’d love to know about it. I’d love to be able to speak more languages and do a lot more traveling, so clue me in.”

Chat Message 2: “Hi, Carrie. I saw that you were gearing up to finish beauty school in a few months, and I think that’s amazing. I love a girl that’s really career-oriented.

I’d love to see some of your portfolio. I bet you’re an awesome makeup artist, and I think that your work would really be able to shine…especially if they’re pictures of you.”

The Best Features Here

The thing about the whole of the AdultFriendFinder hookup site is that it really does know what it’s doing. It’s established, and it’s smart about keeping people around.

It always has new members.

One of the best parts of this site is that it’s never inactive and never waning. You’re always going to be able to meet more people here, and that’s a very good thing.

Many hookup sites just tend to stagnate after awhile, but this site has been going strong since the years of MySpace. You’re really not going to end up struggling with that.

We really enjoy this because it always gives us new opportunities. That’s the sort of thing that’s honestly worth its weight in gold, so you can’t count that out of the equation .

Additional Tips and Tricks

When it comes to standing out on a site like this, there are definitely a few things that come to mind. Knowing this sort of thing is really going to be able to make your life easier.

Have a thoroughly filled out profile.

The more you can fill out your profile here, the better. It might seem daunting, but these highly customizable profiles are really going to make a difference for you online.

This is the kind of thing that’s ultimately going to make it so much easier for ladies to search for you and find you. Dropping the right keywords will also really help.

If you can take the time to do this, you’ll definitely be able to have a much easier time of it. This is the kind of site that just really benefits from members being thorough.

A Few Fixes

There isn’t a single perfect hookup site out there, and while this one is amazing, it’s definitely still inherently flawed. There are just a couple of things we wanted to point out in order to be completely thorough.

Member inactivity is the enemy of this site.

We occasionally found a lot of old profiles that haven’t been updated in years, and that ultimately just ends up bogging the site down. That’s not the kind of thing that you want.

When you have to use the search engine and see that a ton of people just haven’t been on the site for years, then that’s when you can start to get frustrated.

We were still able to work around this, but we do hope that they end up erasing some of those old profiles in the future. It will definitely make the site that much easier.

Great News All Over

Knowing which body parts that she really wishes you’d touch is important for your hookup:

Hitting that g-spot is a great way to really make sure that she has a good time:

If you want a stronger erection, this article can definitely give you a few tips about that: is one of the Hottest in Sites to Get Laid On is absolutely an incredible site, and that’s why it’s our number four site overall. It really does deliver, and we had a great time using it for sure.

It’s an oldie but goodie.

Sometimes, you come across a site that’s been around for awhile, and there’s usually a good reason for that. This one is definitely a site in that particular category.

With a site like this one, you’re always going to be able to see some excellent results. It’s one of the best around, and it definitely gives you the fun that you want.

If you want consistent, active hookups, this is the site that you should be turning to. We’ve proven that it works, and that’s why we just keep wanting to come back for more.

You deserve the best.

With a site like this one, there’s no way that you can fail–but if you end up pairing it with, you can end up having even more fun, and we’re sure of that.

They’re both amazing, so don’t delay. Check out both of these sites and you’ll have a great time.

20 Responses to “ An Amazing Site to Get Laid on Without a Doubt”

  1. Captain Jack Crawhawk

    Honestly if you join you’re going to find nothing but really sexy women to chat with and hook up with. I was shocked by how many were listed on here for my area especially since I live in a pretty small town so if you’re in a bigger town I bet there’s just going to be even more women on there for you to meet. Hell yeah, I’d recommend this to any guy who wants to get laid.

  2. I hadn’t hooked up with anyone in months before I joined this site and with how many women there are on here it only took me about a day of having a profile before the messages started pouring in. All of the women wanted to get with me and let me tell you, it was a great boost for my confidence when I really needed it. You should join this site, you’ll have lots of fun.

  3. Strong Titan

    There are better sites than this one out there, at least in terms of how the site’s organized, but for the price you’re paying for this one it’s pretty good. It doesn’t cost too much to keep your profile on here and that alone is enough to make the site good enough for me to keep using. I like the women on here from what I’ve seen and I don’t have TOO much bad to say.

  4. Join this site if you want. I have a membership and I keep my profile on here pretty well maintained but I can’t really tell you anything about if the site is good or not. I don’t know if it’s even good I just know what I think of it, which I won’t go into too much detail about here. Join it and find out for yourself what you think of it, then we’ll talk.

  5. Golden Beam

    I wish I’d joined this site a lot sooner because it’s SO good. There’s everything I need on here. Hot women, an easy to use site that lets me message whoever I want to really easily and plenty of fun. Why didn’t anyone recommend it to me earlier so I could have stopped moping around about my lack of a sex life? I would’ve looked like much less of an idiot, that’s for damn sure.

  6. is great. I don’t even know what to start with because everything is great. The site’s easy to use and easy to maintain your profile, the women are hot as hell and they know what they want. You won’t find any of those wishy-washy women who just aren’t sure what they want on here. They know what they want and they want you to give it to them and there’s nothing better than that imo.

  7. If you think other sites are as good as this one, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. I’ve yet to find another site for hunting for hot hookups that’s as good as this one and the amount of different sites like this that I’ve used is pretty disappointing. I just want to know which one is the best and I think it’s this one for quite a few more reasons than one, let me tell you.

  8. I think I’ve recommended this site to a few people. I won’t recommend it to everyone but that’s only because I know not everyone’s tastes are the same. I think this site is pretty good but I wouldn’t call it perfect by any stretch of the word because it does glitch some when you use it. Sometimes the servers are down too so you can’t log into your profile and that’s kind of annoying when it happens

  9. I’ve had a profile on here for a while but I haven’t had the time to actually look around the site and see what women it has to offer. I hope I’ll have time for it soon, because this doesn’t bode well for me actually hooking up with anyone if I don’t even have time to look around the site yet. I can’t say anything about it yet since I don’t know anything about it.

  10. Skilled Tough Chick

    I used to think these sites were only for desperate guys but I don’t think like that anymore. I guess maybe because I got desperate? Who knows. I joined this site and I realized how good it was because the women are just so great at letting you know what they’re looking for which works great because I want them to know what I’m looking for too, you know what I mean? I love this site.

  11. Sinner Sweety

    I can’t get enough of the women on There’s nothing better than women messaging you clamoring for some time with you. Seriously, I got a profile and it seemed like within five minutes of signing up for a profile I had almost ten women messaging me asking what I was doing that weekend because they wanted to know so we could arrange a meeting. I don’t have anything but good things to say about this site.

  12. There are so many things about this site that are so fucking amazing I don’t even know what to say about it. I think the best thing is the women of course. If the women on a site aren’t sexy then there’s no point in trying to hook up with them and everyone on here is hot as hell. Everything I could have asked for and then some on top of that to be completely honest.

  13. Skinny Cutie Mink

    I’m not alone in thinking this site is pretty good, am I? I want to make sure I’m not the only one thinking that and that everyone doesn’t think I’m just some dumbass. I liked this site even tho it wasn’t THE best one I’ve used, and I’m glad I joined because it could have been a scam site or something even worse than that, you know? I’ve used worse sites, that’s for damn sure.

  14. What are the women like on this site? You know how sometimes there’s sites like this and the women might be on there saying they’re just looking for casual hookups but when it really comes down to it they’re just doing that to lure you in? I don’t want the women on here to be like that so I’d appreciate a warning if they are. I need some good clean no strings attached sex asap.

  15. Forgotten White Sound

    Honestly I only joined this site or fun because I wanted to see what kind of women were on here but once I saw what it was like I decided to stick around. This is a really great site and the women are hot and they know what they want from you, so that’s really great. I hate having to beat around the bush when there’s something I want so it’s nice to go past that.

  16. SweetySweety

    If you think is anything less than amazing I’m sorry but you’re wrong. I’ve never used a site this good before and the amount of these casual hookup sites I’ve signed up for is a huge number. I know what I’m talking about when it comes to these things and I can tell you when a site is actually good or not. This is one of the few that is because the women are hot as hell.

  17. If you think this site isn’t good, I’d hate to see what you think is bad. This is the best site of its kind and the messaging system on here actually works so when you’re interested in a woman you can actually talk to her and get her attention instead of shooting a message into the void and hoping she responds. Seriously, this is the best place to meet women to hook up with imo.

  18. Lovebird Gutsy

    If there’s one complaint I have to make about this site it’s that there are more men than women on here and since men isn’t what I’m looking for it was a little frustrating. The site itself is pretty good though, no real problems there, just a few nitpicks from me and I guess I might just be really picky. It’s worth joining, so catch that free trial and get yourself a profile as soon as possible.

  19. What’s the deal with this site? I don’t know if I want to sign up for it or not because when it comes to these things I always seem to have bad judges of whether or not they’re good so I want to make sure that I know what I’m getting into when it comes to this site. You guys would warn me if it was really bad, right? There wouldn’t be many people using it if it was.

  20. This site’s so good. I wish someone had recommended it to me before this so I could have gotten into it a lot sooner. I would have loved to have that last breakup cushioned by being able to meet all of the women on here and really get into a string of really great hookups but I guess none of my friends love me enough to recommend a site that’ll keep me interested like this one.


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