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Not only are there no women here, but the site is broken to the point of frustration. The layout is ugly and unusable, and the search engine is completely awful.

Sites like IWantU.com are deliberately just trying to prey on unsuspecting men that honestly have no idea how hookup sites work. It’s not cute, and it’s frankly just awful.

This site reeks of fakes.

The moment that we arrived on the site, we realized that we would be rolling our eyes the whole way through it. That’s because it’s definitely only geared towards men.

Get Laid Scam Alert image

The moment you have a layout with a seductive woman on it is the moment that ladies really just don’t even want to join the site. Why would they, when it isn’t geared towards them?

This is something that many hookup sites suffer from, and it’s the kind of thing that we really aren’t happy about. This is why this site just doesn’t come close to giving us what we want.

It’s obnoxious.

From there, we continued to dig through the site and end up more and more disappointed. That’s because this particular hookup site is just full of fakes in general.

This is something that we really don’t like to deal with when using hookup sites. We should be able to find way more women online, but instead, there’s really nothing.

img IWantU overlay

This is the kind of thing that needs to be taken care of if this site ever wants to thrive. Chances are, however, that such a thing is just plain never going to happen.

These Numbers Are Crud

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our IWantU review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 120 chat messages to ladies that were online.

It just didn’t work.

From those 120 chat messages, only a grand total of 22 women would actually chat back with us. This was disappointing, and definitely not up to our standards online.

From those 22 ladies, not a single one of them actually wanted to meet up with us in person. This was really proof of how bad this site was from start to finish of our review.

The site basically stayed like that and didn’t get any better. It really just didn’t even come close to providing the kind of fun that we want to see from a hookup site.

Forget These Site Features

Trying to get any sort of fun out of this site was like pulling teeth, and it still didn’t happen. That’s because the IWantU hookup site is geared towards getting men to join only.

That just doesn’t work.

Honestly, in no universe should a hookup site just cater towards men. There’s no way that any real women are going to join a site like that, and this one is proof of that.

The numbers of ladies are very, very low here, and that’s because mostly, you’re going to end up seeing a ton of fake profiles that just end up padding the site everywhere.

There’s also a lot of escorts running around, and as gentlemen, there’s no way you should ever bother with them. We certainly didn’t, and we never will on these sites.

It’s just cluttered.

On top of the serious lack of actual ladies, you’re going to find yourself struggling with the layout. Aside from the front flash page, the search engine on the site makes it almost impossible to use.

We hated this site for this, and we can really understand why it’s basically just dead in the water. Wipe this site out of your memory, as it will never pop up again.

It’s the kind of thing that just ends up disappointing on every single level, and we proved that. With a site like this, there’s no way anyone would ever want to come back.

Some Bad, Bad News

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Forget About IWantU.com as a Good Site to Get Laid On

We really couldn’t stand IWantU.com, and that’s because this site just really repeatedly missed the mark. There are a ton of issues with this site, and we saw all of them.

It starts with the inactivity.

It was very apparent during our review that there just isn’t any presence of any women to really speak of here, and that means that you just aren’t going to get laid.

This is a really huge downer, and it’s definitely the reason why no one would ever want to stick around and keep using this hookup site. It just plain doesn’t deliver at all.

We found ourselves very ready to leave this site and move onto something that actually had real women on it. This one obviously doesn’t, and we can’t see that changing.

Forget this one.

Instead, you definitely should be checking out our number one site, XXXConnect.com. It’s the best around for hookups, and it really does give you a ton of fun.

Using that site is going to prove that there are some amazing hookup sites out there. Our results have already shown exactly how amazing it can be for everyone involved.

Don’t miss out on it. You’ll regret it, and you definitely need to have that fun time online.

15 Responses to “IWantU.com Review: Not Even Close to a Good Site to Get Laid On”

  1. My friends all go on sites like this all the time, so I figured it might be fun to check it out, too. How wrong I was. I hated this site more than anything, so thank you guys. IWantU.com was the single worst experience I’ve ever had in my life, and I won’t ever be back. Good riddance to you.

  2. I wish this site would get shut down, I really do. I hate everything about this site, and I’m going to do whatever I can to get it shut down on my own. You can join me if you want, and then we can all work to get it taken down together. Either way, it’s going to go down soon.

  3. The Wildcat

    Sites like this really confuse me. I don’t know, I really have no idea how to run them. I’m not very good at working sites in general, but you guys make it way too confusing. I’m not going to waste my time on a site like this, because it would probably take me forever to figure out how to work it.

  4. The last site like this I was on was a total scam, so to be honest I’m kind of nervous about trying a new site. I mean, how do I know that this is a good site? Is there any way TO know? Is it easy to back out of a membership with this site, or will I be stuck on here?

  5. Queen Reborn

    I don’t want any of the women on here. It’s just that simple. I’m sorry if you do want any of the women on here, because they’re pretty damn shabby. I don’t know when the last time was that they bathed, but it was probably a long time ago by the looks of it. Don’t expect me to ever be back.

  6. Don’t waste your time. IWantU.com is too small to even have any halfway decent members on it. The women leave a LOT to be desired, and it’s not worth the price they want you to pay, I can tell you that much. I was pretty damn disappointed with what I found on here and can safely say I won’t be back.

  7. Why do people still keep coming on here? I thought everyone knew that it was a scam by this point, but I guess not. Okay, I’ll say it to you again. This site is a scam, and I feel sorry for everyone on here, because you guys are wasting your time on a site that won’t work no matter what.

  8. The Hurricane

    Uh, I’m really not thrilled with this site. At all. I thought I might like it if I gave it a chance, but I really just couldn’t get into it at all. It’s not like I didn’t try. I even gave it a few months, but after those few months I still wasn’t impressed with it at all. See you never.

  9. I have a friend who really loves this site a lot, so I promised I would give it a try. It?kind of looks fake to me, though. I don’t know, something about it just screams “scam”. I’m probably just being pessimistic, though, so I might as well give it a shot. Maybe I’ll end up really liking it or something.

  10. Bear Stony

    I’m going to go ahead and shut down my account right now, because I’m really hating this site. It’s just making me mad to be on here, which tells me that I probably shouldn’t be spending any more time on here. My blood pressure is already high enough without this crap. I don’t want to make it any worse, right?

  11. Nothing about IWantU.com makes it worth the obscenely high cost. I’m so fucking pissed that I went on here and wasted my hard-earned money on something that didn’t even work at all. You guys need to help me get this site taken down right the fuck now. You all should know what a terrible site it is, too, don’t you?

  12. I hate this site and everyone on here. Seriously, I’ve never seen a worse site in my entire life. Can you believe it’s even still online? I don’t want to talk shit on the site too much, but I do think that it’s only fair that I tell everyone about my experience on this site so they can avoid it.

  13. Liquid Purple Cat

    Don’t be like me. I wasted so much time and energy, and not to mention money, getting this site to work, and what did I get in exchange? Well, for starters, I got a whole bunch of nothing. So that was fun. I also got a nice big bill at the end, which was even more fun. I’m out of here.

  14. I really want to try a site like this out, but on the other hand I really don’t want to get screwed over in the end, and I heard that can happen if you’re not careful. Maybe I’ll just sign up for a free trial, then see how I feel afterwards. I mean, that way I don’t lose any money.

  15. Mole Gold

    So, this site was officially a huge waste of my time. I don’t know why I expected anything but this, but still, it’s upsetting. I hate knowing that I paid for months of this site and didn’t get anything in exchange for my investment. What a disappointment. I’m going to make sure nobody ever goes on this site again, I promise.


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