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The site's admins don't monitor site activity at all, and that's really obvious with all the scammers running around. It's a really unsafe environment, and not worth the stress.

The thing about is that it ultimately just doesn’t even close to hitting the mark of what makes a good hookup site. It claims to be free…but it really isn’t.

We hate being lied to.

This site ultimately just lies to our face at every single occasion. That’s because this whole site just doesn’t care about actually helping you meet women–it wants money.

Get Laid Scam Alert image

It might claim to be free, but the thing is, it does ask for your credit card upon sign up. This is really sketchy, and really solid proof that it’s never going to be truthful to you.

They authorize a number of charges on this site without your permission, and if that isn’t scary, it should be. This site just ultimately is one big scam after another for us.

It’s not safe.

On top of this, this site is honestly very poorly monitored. There’s no way that you’re really going to be able to sit down and use this site in a coherent manner for hookups.

This is because every chance that you might have to meet a woman is honestly going to be…well, a scam. These ladies are basically all fakes, and we could tell with a glance.

screen SaucyDates overlay

With that in mind, this site just gives you an uncomfortable, unsafe environment that’s going to try and steal your money. There’s no way we would be caught dead here.

These Numbers Just Didn’t Add Up

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our SaucyDates review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 120 chat messages to ladies we met online.

It’s no good.

From those 120 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 3 responses. This was shockingly bad, and it really did prove how bad the site was from the very start.

From those 3 responses, obviously not a single person even wanted to think about going out on a date with us, which ultimately just ended up ruining our day here.

This whole site was just a total waste of time. We couldn’t wait to leave because of it, and honestly, we were really shocked that it hadn’t been shut down by this point.

These Site “Features” Were Pathetic For Sure

The only thing that we can really say about the SaucyDates hookup site is that it’s just plain awful. This whole site is really unfortunate, and that’s not something we want to deal with again.

It’s a total scam.

The more time you spend here, the more obvious it’s going to be that this site is a scam from start to finish. It’s really boring, really obnoxious, and we really hate that.

That is, of course, when you aren’t dodging the scammers on it. The more time that you spend here, the more you’re going to have to sit there and safeguard your wallet.

The admins themselves are out to trick you into spending money here, of course. This is not the kind of place that anyone wants to be caught dead on, and that’s a fact.

Of course, it’s dead.

Because this site is just a wasteland of scammers, there’s never going to be any real activity here. Mostly, it’s just going to be a ton of fakes all in one place, and we hate that.

There’s no chance to meet a real woman on a site that doesn’t even try to get real women on the site. That’s a fact of life, and that’s why this site was just plain awful.

With all of this in mind, move on from this stinker without a second of haste. We proved without a doubt that it simply doesn’t work, and that’s the best reason to leave it alone.

Bad News Here

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Knowing the best position for her orgasm is important, so read up on this article:

Five minute sex doesn’t have to be horrible; this article can help make it really amazing: isn’t a Good Site to Get Laid on At All

We really couldn’t stand This is one site that’s just a total and complete scam, and that’s why leaving it alone and in the dust is one of the best things you can do.

Forget this one.

A scam site like this one is never going to end up giving you what you want, and that’s why we honestly couldn’t wait to get the hell out of here. It’s just not a good site.

There’s scam sites, and then there are sites that legitimately that are out for your money, and this is one really scary example of that. We were never comfortable here.

With all of that in mind, leaving this one in the dust is the absolute best plan of action. It’s never going to end up giving you the hookups that you wanted in the first place.

You deserve much better.

Instead of wasting your time on a site like this one, it’s better to just check out our number one site, It’s the best out of all of them, and it really does work.

Checking it out is really going to be able to show you an amazing hookup site experience. You’ll be able to meet the women that you’ve been dying to be with all along.

Don’t miss out on a great chance. We know for a fact that it works, so give it a shot for sure.

15 Responses to “ Review: An Awful Site to Get Laid on Without a Doubt”

  1. Wow, even from the name you can probably tell that is a terrible site. I went on here to have a laugh with my friends, but this is so much worse than I could have ever imagined. Seriously, this site is awful. I thought it was at least going to be funny, but I ended up honestly wishing that I’d just skipped out on it in general. What a joke.

  2. You know, I really don’t think they pay the women on here enough to be on here. That’s why they have such shitty attitudes – it’s because they’re underpaid and overworked. I know the feeling. And now I know the feeling of using my money from that job that was overworking me on a site that ended up screwing me over, so that’s cool. I’m glad I know that feeling.

  3. Sleepy Genius

    What would make this site better? I feel like I ask myself this all the time, and I really can’t figure out what would make me want to stay on this site. Maybe if they got some more funding and had more female members, it would be better. Or, maybe if they just put the money they got into renovating the site it wouldn’t be so awful to go on.

  4. I really can’t decide how I feel about this site. On the one hand, I feel like it might be a good site if you actually give it a try. On the other hand, I’ve been scammed before and I’m worried that this is just another elaborate way to get me to spend my money on a site that doesn’t work. Maybe I’ll sign up for it, but I’m not sure.

  5. Doggy Freaky Serpent

    To be honest, I’m speechless right now. I never thought I would fall for a scam, and I definitely didn’t think I’d do it so easily. Now here I am, surrounded by debt, and all I have left to my name is my membership on this terrible site. I tried to get my money back, but big shocker here, I didn’t get a single cent back. Thanks a lot, guys.

  6. Just so you know, none of the women on are actual members. At least, none of the attractive ones. I tried for ages to find the women that I saw on the homepage, but couldn’t dig a single one of them up. That tells me that this site is a scam, and that they lie to the people on here to get them to join. That’s just disgusting to me.

  7. Why are the women on this site so hideous? I figured that for what I paid, I would end up with some beautiful ladies, but no. I guess that was too much to ask. The women on this site seem like they’re on the verge of death, or have been on drugs for years, and I’m not into it at all. I want to get off this site right now.

  8. Brutal Power

    I’m going to tell you right now that going on this site would be a waste of your time. You’ll just end up leaving in one month, like everyone else does. I’ve literaly never known anyone who stuck around longer than that, so that should give you a hint as to how terrible this site is. I think you should go on a big site instead. Those are way better.

  9. A lot of people are talking about this site lately, and not all of the news is good. In fact, a lot of it is pretty damn grim. I don’t know if I should believe that, though, because I’ve heard from a lot of people that some of the reviews will lie about the quality of a site to get people to sign up for other sites instead. Who knows.

  10. Cutie Bunny

    Wow, can you believe this site? They charge you an arm and a leg to be on here, and then what do you get in return? A bunch of women who have no idea what they’re doing, and who aren’t “saucy” at all. Hell, I don’t even know what that means. It sounds like something my grandma would say, and I’m just not feeling it at all. I’m outta here right now.

  11. I’m never going on again, I can promise you that much. My time on this site was pretty much wasted, and I?m not ever going to be coming back. I don’t know why I ever signed up for it in the first place, because I can’t help but feel like the whole thing was a big waste of my money as well. You guys should consider taking this site down.

  12. I always tell myself that if I have nothing nice to say, to not say anything at all, but I refuse to keep my silence with this site. It’s terrible. Literally it’s the worst site I’ve ever been on in my life, and I want you all to know before you end up making the same mistakes I made. I can’t believe I fell for this, but I want to spare you guys.

  13. Stringzumdom

    The thing about this site is that I feel like it might be halfway decent if you actually took a while and made it work for you, but I really don’t have that time. For a busy man like myself, I don’t have the time to sit around waiting for the site I’m on to work. I’m all for efficiency, and if you guys don’t want to help me with that, I’m out.

  14. Well, I’m really confused about this site. So many people say that it’s awesome, and the best site out there, but nobody can give me any evidence as to why that is. I don’t know if I trust things like that, so honestly I might just go onto one of the bigger sites. I know I’ll be safe on there, even though this site is much cheaper. I’m honestly very conflicted.

  15. Boiling Desire Beaver

    I’m not shocked at how bad this site turned out to be, but I am kind of surprised that I fell for it. I mean, I thought I was smarter than that. I thought that I would find a site that was great and legit and all the things I was looking for in one of these sites, and now I just ended up fucking myself over. I feel so stupid.


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