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Absolutely the only thing you'll find here are escorts, and that means it's a very unsafe, unmoderated environment. It's simply not worth the risk.

The problem with is that the front page really doesn’t give you anything good to expect…unless you’re looking for a lot of tits, and that’s just not appealing to women at all.

That means the site is dead.

We came into this site with very low expectations, and trust us, that was a good thing. There’s just not much to this site except a lot of escorts, and they’ve taken over.

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With a site like that, you really do have to be careful about who you message. That’s not something that we really wanted to deal with when it came to hookup sites at all.

With sites like this one, you ultimately are just going to be paranoid the whole time. We were constantly nervous that we would end up messaging the wrong girl here.

It’s not a fun experience.

As we desperately tried to wade our way through this site, we were really just unhappy with the number of members that were around. There’s no real good ratio.

This means that your chances of finding real women on here to actually hookup with is a very slim thing. We definitely weren’t happy with the numbers that we saw.

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With that in mind, it was a relief to get out of here. This site just doesn’t even begin to deliver as far as hookups go, and we were really disappointed with that for sure.

These Numbers Just Didn’t Work Out

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our XXXDating review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 120 chat messages to ladies we met online.

It was awful.

From those 120 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 8 women to actually chat back with us. This was absolutely pathetic, and we weren’t happy with that.

From those 8 ladies, not a single one of them actually wanted to go out on a date with us, either. This really did prove to us that the site wasn’t even worth a second glance.

Sites like this are much better left in the dust. Wipe the dust from this place from your shoes, and move on to a place that will respect your desires as a gentleman.

Some Dreadful Features

The more time and effort that we put into the XXXDating hookup site, the more we realized that this site had already hit rock bottom, especially with its member counts.

There’s no one here.

A hookup site is really supposed to have a thriving community, and this site has absolutely nothing close to that. It just has a ton of escorts running around for the most part.

That’s the kind of thing that really just ends up ruining a hookup site right from the start…and we weren’t happy with that. It’s just not a good environment for anyone.

We couldn’t wait to get out of here because of that. A ton of escorts is really not the way to end up trying to find hookups, especially when the site isn’t advertising that.

It’s not safe.

What you also have to realize is that any site that just outright doesn’t try to police who joins the site is really not going to be a safe environment, and we proved that.

This whole site is just one big mess as far as we’re concerned. Not being able to safely browse a hookup site in search of someone to have fun with isn’t a good thing at all.

We were really not happy to find ourselves constantly having to be on guard, and that’s why it was a relief to be done with our review. It’s just not a good site at all for you.

No Good News

You need to know why she hates certain aspects of oral sex, so don’t forget it:

Understanding why women don’t initiate sex is important, so make sure to read up:

The more you know about her breasts, the better off you’re going to be for sure: Is Not a Good Site to Get Laid On

We really weren’t happy with, and that’s because this site just doesn’t even begin to give you what you’re looking for. It’s never going to get you a hookup.

We hated it.

Sites that are absolutely riddled with escorts are really the bane of our existence. They don’t ever even try to police them here, and that’s the sort of thing that we didn’t like.

This whole site just ends up really disappointing us on every single level, and that’s because no matter what happens here, there’s no way you’ll ever end up getting laid.

With that in mind, don’t waste a second of your time on this awful site. Move on from this site, and you’ll definitely be able to see a much better result from top to bottom of your experiences.

You deserve the best.

Instead, you should be checking out our number one site, It’s the best hookup site out there, and it can really end up giving you the time of your life.

Our results simply don’t lie. We’ve proven that it works, and we’ve come back to it again and again ourselves. Check it out, and you’ll definitely be able to see some results.

Good luck, and make sure that you try it out. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the experience.

15 Responses to “ Review: A Pathetic Example of Good Sites to Get Laid On”

  1. Don’t use unless you want your email to be full of spam and your computer to be full of viruses, because that’s all you’ll get. At least, that’s all I got when I was on this site, and it was really annoying to have to sift through all the spam and get rid of all the viruses, trust me.

  2. This site is a SCAM. I know more and more people are crying wolf about sites like this these days, but I promise this is for real. This site is awful and I don’t want anybody else to end up trapped on here like I was. I ended up losing so much money on this site, it was horrible. Don’t sign up.

  3. Infant Dreaded

    I mean, if you want to stay on this site, then more power to you. Whatever floats your boat. Just know that it’s being outed as a scam pretty frequently in the forums lately. I don’t know for sure if it’s true or not, but I’m not going to take any chances. I want to find another site to use instead.

  4. I’m not really saying anything one way or the other about this site just yet. I know it’s been the subject of a lot of controversy lately, but I don’t have a stance. I’m going to give it some more time to prove itself as a good site or a scam, and then I’ll make a choice on whether I should stay.

  5. In case you were wondering, yes this site is a scam. I ended up getting totally screwed over on this site, so thanks a lot. I asked for a refund, but conveniently I couldn’t get ahold of any of the people who run this site. Of course you guys wouldn’t answer when you need to. I’m leaving this site now.

  6. Why in the hell did I ever expect anything but pain and misery from I mean, I could see how shitty the homepage was when I first looked at it, so why did I decide that going on here was a good plan? What was I on? You guys need to smack me if I ever want to do something like this again.

  7. Okay, this is the last straw. I’m leaving this site and I encourage all of you to come with me. This site needs to go DOWN. Did you know they sell your personal info to other sites that want it? Email address, phone number, and even credit card info – it all gets sold to other sites. Isn’t that fun?

  8. Grotesque Infant

    I wish I had had a good time on here, because was hoping I would. I was pretty depressed when I signed up for the site, and to be honest now I just feel even worse. I hope you’re happy, making me even more depressed than I was before. You probably like that, you sick pieces of shit. God damn.

  9. I’m honestly on the fence about this site. I’m still on free trial status, so I don’t know whether I should stick around or head for another site, you know? On one hand, it seems like a pretty okay site to hang out on. On the other hand, it also seems like it might be a scam. I’m really conflicted.

  10. Moose Skilled

    Why did I bother with this site? I should have known it wasn’t going to work, I really should have. I thought it looked a little fishy when I was first on the site, but of course I wrote it off and told myself I was just being pessimistic. Now I feel like a total idiot for falling for it.

  11. My only problem with is everything. Yeah, I said it. Everything. Nothing on this site works worth a damn, and the women are rude as all hell. I haven’t been able to have a single good conversation for my whole time on here, and that’s just sad. They don’t turn me on at all, either. It’s just a huge waste.

  12. Why didn’t anyone warn me about what a scam this site was? This site scammed me out of hundreds of dollars and hours of my time, and I won’t ever get any of that back. Next time I want to date, I’m just going to stick to the ladies in my home town, because they don’t cost a ton of money.

  13. Everything about this site screams “scam”, so if you hadn’t backed out of the site before, now might be a good time. You guys need to stay away from here, and hopefully this site will get shut down soon. I’m trying my hardest to get it shut down, but I don’t think I’m doing a good job of it at all.

  14. Is this site worthwhile, or just a waste of time? Or, even worse, is it a scam? I don’t want to be on a scam site! Can you guys help me out? I really just need to hear your input on the site to know whether or not I should sign up for it. Sound off in the comments below for me!

  15. Airmen Skinny

    Why is this site so popular lately? It’s not a good site at all. I’ve had an awful time trying to navigate it, and the women have been pretty rude to me, too. I don’t know what I expected, but this isn’t it. I wanted a site where I wasn’t treated like crap. I didn’t think that was too much.


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