Back and Forth: How Many Messages Until the Hookup Happens?

There’s a chance that you’ll find yourself impatient and stressed when it comes to trying to make your hookup happen faster, and that’s not necessarily something that needs to happen.

How long should it take, though?

As a gentleman, there’s no need to get pushy or end up rushing her. That’s not something she’s going to appreciate, and it’s not something that you should be doing.

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Chatting her up on hookup sites is a big part of your tactics to get laid–or at least, it should be. You need to be able to carry on a conversation at the very least with her.

Ultimately, these ladies really do want to hear a lot from you before they ever end up meeting you in person, but this shouldn’t be carrying on for months unless you’re absolutely terrified.

There’s No Reason to be Wary, so Keep This in Mind…and Read On to See How Long It Should Really Take.

Here’s what you absolutely do have to remember: asking her too early is always going to backfire. It’s going to make her file you away as a man that just wants her body.

Admittedly, you are here for a hookup. There’s no shaking that, and that’s something that she is going to be understanding from day one, but there’s still some romance involved.

You need to behave like a confident gentleman. That’s the sort of persona that these women really do want to see, and if you want to be successful, you need to adhere to that.

Don’t ask in the first message.

Nose Touching

Whatever you do, trying to get her to sleep with you in the very first message is going to guarantee failure. That’s the absolutely last thing that you should ever be doing.

These women do not want to find themselves hassled for any sort of nude pictures in the first message, either. They want to be chatted up, and have their interests addressed.

The first message is the place to get to know her, as it’s a very important strategy to get laid on these sides. The more you can woo her along, the better it will end up being.

Don’t take forever, however.

The third or so message is when you can actually really start chatting her up, assuming that she actually seems receptive and talkative in the first couple of conversations.

This means that she actually does need to have some kind of chemistry with you. Don’t expect her to go out with you if she’s just absolutely ready to leave you in the dust already.

If she expresses very little interest from the start, it’s time to dial it back a bit. Start from square one again, and then you can start building up your conversations with her.

Ask her directly.

After that, it’s time to really start gearing up to ask her directly. Confidence is key here, and you do ned to be braced for rejection. Not all women are going to immediately say ‘yes.’

Asking her outright if she wants to meet up at some point is something that you really do need to do. Be polite about it, and always suggest a location that you think she might like.

If you have a specific time and place in mind, the chance that she will actually agree to your requests is much, much higher. You should always try to plan this out in advance.

Dates are important.

The date and time is something that she’s really going to be dependent upon. Don’t just ask her if you’ll meet up; have a location in mind, and that will make a difference.

The more serious you seem about actually meeting her, the more likely she is going to actually agree and show up. This is something that has always rung true to us.

Good luck!


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