Hookups and Kink: The Hows and Whens of Introducing Some Fun

Having a kinky hookup really doesn’t have to be any different than a regular hookup. The only different is that you actually discuss the kink beforehand…and plan for it.

It’s pretty darn easy.

One of our favorite strategies to get laid is to find ladies that are all into different things. Whenever you’re using hookup sites, that’s really not that difficult–especially if you know what you’re looking for.

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It’s easy to find ladies that are into the kinkier encounters these days. So long as you do your own research and are confident in what you’re looking for, you’re golden.

All of the same rules still apply, however. You need to behave like a gentleman, and actually be the kind of man that any woman would want to be with for a hot, steamy evening.

We’ve Got You Covered for Kinky Encounters, Because We Know How They Work. Here’s How.

You really don’t have to have a committed relationship in order to have some kinky fun in the bedroom, and that’s a fact that many men seem to be completely unaware of.

It’s a shame, really, because there are plenty of ladies out there that really would love to have a hot, sexy evening with a man that’s actually going to be able to take care of them properly.

Many women have fantasies that they would love to be able to act out with a man that’s simply a hookup. This is why you just need to look for the right ladies for the right situation.

Put it on your profile.

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The absolute first step that you need to do is put your interests on your online profile. You’ll never be able to attract the right kinds of women if you don’t go and do this.

This will be able to help women actually search for you, and when you do chat with them, it will enable them to see the interests that you have in kind…or that you don’t.

By taking this extra step, you’ll definitely be able to narrow down your pool of applicants, so to speak. You’ll be able to find women that are actually interested in the same things.

Go to specialized sites.

Sometimes, you need a site that specializes in the kinkier side of hookups. This is a good get laid tactic to find specifically what you’re looking for in general, and we do love that.

Ultimately, you do still need to vet these kinds of websites and make sure that they can actually meet the specifications of a good hookup site. Don’t just use them for the kink.

At the end of the day, the quality of the site is way more important than whether or not it caters to kink. You can still find kinky ladies on vanilla sites, so don’t forget that.

Be direct about it.

Like any part of any hookup, communication is absolutely imperative. You need to be direct about what you’re looking for in a partner, and that means in the kinks that you have.

You need to discuss at length with your lady about what you’re looking for, and what you’d love to be able to see in the bedroom. Be honest about it and upfront, and she’ll appreciate it.

The more you discuss it, the better. You don’t want there to be any surprises in the bedroom, and you don’t want to end up disappointing her or even frightening her.

Discuss safewords.

Understanding the risks that come along with any kinky play is important, and if the two of you are doing any sort of situational roleplay, you absolutely do need a safeword.

If you aren’t educated in this side of things, then it’s time to make sure that you do your research. Never go into a situation like this unprepared, or she’ll probably run away screaming.

The more prepared you are, basically, the better. Don’t forget this, and have a great time.


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