Common Profile Buzzwords That Should Make You Run for the Hills

The more that you use sites to get laid in the USA, the more you’re going to realize that some ladies really shouldn’t be touched with a ten foot pole. At least, we have.

We can advise you here, too.

Ultimately, there are a few kinds of ladies on these hookup sites that you really do want to avoid, and those ultimately come down to the ladies that want commitment.

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These and several other things are warning signs that you really do need to avoid. Remember, you’re not here to date; you’re here to have a fling that’s a ton of fun.

This is the sort of thing that many men seem to forget about when enticed by a pretty face–but don’t be fooled. You can definitely get what you want and still have a clean break if you’re smart.

Certain Keywords Are a Sure Sign of a Commitment You Don’t Want–so Read On to See How to Avoid That.

Whenever you’re browsing hookup sites, you really do need to make sure that you’re avoiding certain kinds of women. If you aren’t, you can find yourself in a sticky situation.

While you might be a gentleman that has finer tastes, there are just simply some women that are really not worth it. This is a fact that you absolutely cannot ignore overall.

Taking the time to be smart and discriminatory about the kinds of ladies that you end up chatting with online will make your hookups that much smoother–and we’re sure of that.

Watch out for relationships.

Avoid Friendship At All Costs

Sometimes, you’ll end up coming across ladies that talk profusely about the kinds of ‘relationships’ that they want in their profile. It’s time to definitely avoid those kinds of women.

That’s because they ultimately want some sort of a commitment that we know that you don’t want. You’re on a hookup site, not a dating site, and that’s something to remember.

Whenever we’re doing our get laid dating site ratings, we come across ladies like this once in awhile, and we ultimately just end up clicking out of their profiles. They aren’t worth it.

You don’t want someone talking about kids.

If she wants to start a family, it’s time to leave her profile far behind you. Remember, you aren’t looking for a life partner; you’re just looking for a fun night out.

This is the kind of thing that pops up occasionally, and it’s really shocking to us that these women would ever even show up on these sites that are just filled with hookups.

With that in mind, do yourselves both a favor and just close out of the profile and never look back. Even if she’s beautiful, she’s not going to be what you’re looking for.

You don’t want a gold digger.

While it might be something of an enjoyable task to be a sugar daddy, that doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily looking for that sort of thing on a hookup site.

This is why it’s important to avoid ladies that are outright talking about ‘being taken care of.’ Unless you’re ready to commit to that, you don’t want to take on a sugar baby.

These kinds of ladies are definitely more of the gold digger type than sugar baby type if they’re being outright abrupt about it, however, so make sure that you don’t forget that.

Avoid the relationship rebounds.

You’ll occasionally come across a woman that is just simply not into a hookup, but instead, she’s into a relationship rebound. She’ll talk nothing about her previous breakup.

These women are going to be ultimately very clingy, and that’s definitely going to end up ruining the fun of your new, confident game plan to have fun with hooking up.

With these kinds of ladies, definitely just close her profile and move on. You really don’t need to deal with that kind of baggage when you’re just trying to have a good time.


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