A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words: What Her Profile Pic Says About Her

It isn’t just your profile picture that’s extremely important whenever you’re using hookup sites. Taking note of her profile picture will tell her quite a bit about her, too.

You need to learn to read it.

When it comes to learning the best get laid tactics, you absolutely do need to know how to tell what her profile picture has to say about her…and how to use that to your advantage.

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These ladies always have intent whenever they put up their profile picture, and someone as confident and capable as you should be able to read that and definitely use it.

We have developed the absolute best methods to do so. We know exactly what we’re looking for, and what we’re not in a woman. You’ll be able to develop the same thing.

Her Profile Picture Says Quite a Bit…and We Know All About It. Here’s What You Need to Realize.

Whenever you post up a profile picture online, she’s going to be analyzing it. She’s going to see if you’re confident or not, whether you take care of yourself or not, and what your lifestyle is like.

Her profile picture is going to say the exact same thing. The more that you can read from that, the better off your stay on these kinds of sites is going to ultimately be.

We’ve really taken the time to learn all about her pictures and what they say about her. This is something that’s extremely important to figuring out all that you can about her.

Check out the picture itself.

First of all, you need to look at her picture and see the way that it’s taken. A straight-on, head and shoulders shot, for example, is really not the usual for hookup sites.

Most of the time, these ladies are going to be posting full-body shots. If she isn’t, then she’s probably self-conscious about her body, and doesn’t want you to see it.

This is the kind of thing that you need to be leery of. If she’s afraid to show off her body, then she’s probably not going to be entirely truthful about what she has to offer.

Showing off the goods isn’t necessarily…good.

Sometimes, you’ll get ladies that outright show off nudity, which usually isn’t even allowed in most hookup site profile pictures. This is usually going to be a fake or escort.

You want to avoid these kinds of profiles. Anything that also looks overly photoshopped in this area is the sign of a pretty big fake, and that’s no good at all.

You want to take the time to avoid these kinds of ladies because ultimately, they aren’t going to go out with you. Your Casanova lifestyle is definitely going to be wasted.

Watch out for extreme angles.

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When it comes to taking pictures, we all know that certain people do certain things to make themselves more flattering. This is a very common way to try and have sex online.

We do it, but it’s no good. Low lighting, angles, and other kinds of photoshopping are the kinds of things that you really don’t want to see in your prospective partner’s pictures.

Ultimately, you’ve just got to take the time to rule out these pictures, or look and see if she has other shots available that might be more true to her actual look and aesthetic.

Don’t appreciate lies.

Any ladies on these sites that sits around and lies too much is really just not going to be in your favor. You do need to remember, this so proceed with caution as necessary.


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