Wining and Dining: Why Keeping the “Date” in Hookup Improves Your Odds

Many men that use hookup sites tend to forget that ladies really do need the wining and dining aspect in order to make it more enjoyable…and to actually make the hookup happen.

We know all about that.

When you’re learning how to get laid online, it’s absolutely imperative that you learn how to really pamper her. This is something that’s going to make her that much more willing to be with you.

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The date is all part of that. Surely you’ve been on a number of dates with women before, and even if you haven’t, then it’s time to learn and at least fake it until you make it.

Being the gentleman that she really wants to be with is absolutely part of getting her to actually hook up with you. This is something that so many men seem to forget.

Don’t Be The Jerk She Doesn’t Want to See. We Know How to be the Man She Wants to Date, Too.

While you might think that it’s actually pretty easy to just hop in the sack with the first lovely lady that you meet online, there’s quite a bit more to it than that at the end of the day.

Shockingly, many other men forget this, too. It’s ultimately time to realize that while you’re not looking for a relationship, you do need to make sure that you can still make her happy.

Making her feel appreciated is a huge part of actually getting what you want out of your time spent with her. It’s going to make her realize that you’re serious about having fun.

Start with dinner.

Starting With Dinner

Having dinner together beforehand is something so basic and simple that it’s pretty shocking that more men don’t make this happen. Trust us when we say it’s important.

Taking her out to dinner isn’t just a formality–it’s a way to get to know her and to see if you two have any chemistry at all. Even if you think she’s hot, that’s not going to be the only thing you need to have fun.

These ladies will also appreciate. Remember, they’re hassled by complete and utter creeps online all the time. If you don’t even take the time to take her to dinner, she won’t come back for more.

Be friends first.

Getting to know her and chatting with her as if she’s one of your friends is one of the best ways to really be able to have a good time with her and make her more relaxed.

These ladies really do just want to talk at first. They want to get to know the man that they’re going to be hopping in bed with, and that means taking the time to talk to her.

Talk about her interests, first and foremost. This is something that so many men seem to forget to do, and it’s really sad that they then wonder why their hookup isn’t happening.

A nice conversation is all it takes.

What so many men seem to forget is that it’s really very, very easy to have an easy conversation and actually make casual friends with the woman that they’re hooking up with.

You really don’t have to go all the way out and take her to a fancy restaurant. That’s not what she needs or wants, and it’s not going to impact how much fun you have later.

Just treating her like a human being is one of the most important things that you can do, so take the time to do that, and you’ll really see some serious improvement in your game.

It’s worth it.

We’ve seen some incredible improvement in our hookups, and that’s why this is such an important strategy to get laid. By taking the time to actually wine and dine her, she’ll have much more fun.

A lady that’s having fun is a lady that’s going to come back for seconds…so don’t forget that. She’s definitely going to want to see you again if you actually treat her right.

Good luck.


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