Playing Coy: Not Just a Woman’s Game

There are a lot of ways to play it when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. You can be the epitome of the tough manly, guy. You can be the charming socialite. You can be suave. You can be debonair. You can be the jokester or the likeable easy-going dude. There are so many ways to play it, in fact, that it can get kind of confusing. There’s one angle a lot of guys don’t pursue because it’s more commonly a woman’s game. However, there’s something about being coy that can actually work to your advantage-provided you do it right. Don’t Overdo It Like any kind of act you’d try to adopt to lure in the ladies, you need to achieve the balance between not being believable and being way too obvious. This means you don’t want to play coy like you’d think a woman would. Blushing and acting way too shy is only going to make you seem like a girly guy. Being completely unresponsive and uncommunicative is only going to make you seem like an antisocial douchebag. What you need to do is act as though what you’re thinking about is worth keeping secret, all the while making women want to know what it is your…

3 Tips for Picking a Restaurant

Looking to get laid is a delicate process. You have to take the woman out somewhere nice, but not somewhere too nice. If you wow her too much she might think that you’re too good a catch to just toss back. She’s going to have to work extra hard to keep a hold of you. If you pick a dive bar that serves greasy sliders you’re going to leave her feeling like she could definitely do better. Here’s how to pick a restaurant that’s going to put your date right into the Hookup Zone without too much effort on your part. Look up Reviews Online “Read reviews of restaurants before going there” It’s easier to find information now than it has ever been in human history. If you were hitting the hookup scene even twenty years ago you would have had to know someone who’d been to a restaurant or go there yourself to know if it’s a prime spot. When you’re thinking of somewhere to go, your first stop would be the online review sites. Find some that talk about more than just how outrageous it was that one of their appetizers was cold. Look for reviews that talk about the atmosphere, the lighting, and how intimate the experience…

3 Tips for Picking a Hat

Hats come and go so quickly that you shouldn’t be trying to find one that’s hot right at the moment. The truly great hat doesn’t have to be part of a fad. If you’ve already got the basics of your style down a great hat will catch a woman’s eye and set you apart from the crowd. At the base level, a hat is just something to add interest to your ensemble. Here’s how you can pick the hat that will add just the right touch to the outfit you’ve already got picked out. Make Sure It Fits with Your Look “Go for a color that matches your clothes” You’ve already built up a style going into this. That’s what’s got you so hot and interested. You’ve got a look that a little head gear could complete, but you can’t just slap on any old thing. If you put a cowboy hat on with your urban clothes you could start a very short career as a DJ Cowz, but you’re going to look ridiculous. That’s a very extreme example, but that’s the kind of thing you have to watch out for. Does that fit the overall look that you’re going for? There are some men who can pull of the…


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