The Best Wine to Break Out with Your Hookup

“Know the basics of wine before you offer it to your girlfriend” Hooking up with a chick is a delicate pact. You know that you’re both there because you want to bang, but you still have to act like a half decent human being. So you go through the niceties. One of those niceties is dinner. Our culture has decided that going out to dinner qualifies as a reason to have sex with a guy sometimes, so now you can’t even skip over it. When you do, you’re expected to extra things like buy dessert and wine. Well, you can save yourself a penny or two and figure out the best wines to get at your house, after said dinner, for your hookup. It’s an easy list to follow. Better Safe Than Sorry A lot of people don’t know squat about wine, and if they do they tend to brag about it so you will know ahead of time. A safe bet is to get a rose. These pink wines are sweeter than the reds, and still as refreshing as the whites. It’s like those wines hooked up without a condom and made this perfect baby for you to sample. Brand name doesn’t matter much with such a middle-of-the-road wine,…

3 Tips for Picking a Tie

“Women get impressed by men who wear ties” Ties add that touch of class you’ve been looking for. If you’re heading to somewhere a little more formal than the local bar in the hopes of meeting a date, you can’t go wrong with a trendy tie on over a button up. However, deciding which ties are trendy and which are going to make you look like that hot girl’s dad when he’s trying to impress the boss can be tricky. When you don’t have a woman to drag around with you all day to make sure that you’re looking good when you’re shopping you can turn here for the three tips you need to make a good choice. Novelty Ties Aren’t Cute Before we go anywhere else, you know that novelty ties are not cute. You have every planet in the solar system on your tie? That’s not going to impress her. Not even if it glows in the dark of a club. Novelty ties are never more than visual gags. You want to make a woman laugh, but by how witty and interesting you are. A novelty tie is a cheap laugh that’s not going to get you any closer to your goal of getting a woman to take…

3 Tips for Picking a Bar

No lion has ever surveyed his hunting ground as intently as a man looking for his first hookup after getting out of a relationship. It’s been awhile and you’re ready to end this dry spell with a flash flood. Picking the right bar can make or break your night out. You can be the smoothest guy you’ve ever seen, but if you’re not in a target rich environment you’re not going to get all that you could if you went to a bar where the women were plentiful, single, and ready to mingle. Here’s how to pick the bar that’s going to work best for you. Head out of Downtown “Let’s find a new bar in the town” Yes, the hottest clubs are downtown, but that’s not where you want to be tonight. The women who go to the hottest clubs go in packs and make sure that everyone gets home together. They’re just a giant cock block. You don’t want a woman who has a group with her, and you also don’t want to have to travel a lot to get to her place. You should be able to catch a cab quickly and be at your place or hers in a matter of minutes, and that’s why you…


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#4 Site: AdultFriendFinder
#5 Site: EroticAds


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