What She Expects During a Hookup

As guys we all know what we want during a hookup: sex with no strings attached. Women may play the field and say that they want that too, but it’s seriously so rare. Ladies almost always expect something different during a hookup than you would ever, ever expect. When you do find the right chick to be your jump off, then know that you’re not just some guy to her, you’re so much more, even if you’re temporary. Companionship “Compliment her and be her companion for the night” Women want to be held and be told they’re sexy and to feel like they aren’t quite alone. By hooking up with a guy, even just once or twice, those are nights that she’s not spending alone. She gets to cuddle up to someone for at least a little while. If not that she’s in bed with another human being. It can be hard for women to leave that behind, but then again guys deal with it too. Satisfy this craving of hers by complimenting her over the top throughout your night together and then, very politely, part ways the next day. Sex Getting back into a dating game is just as hard for women as it is for guys sometimes. Sure,…

How to Hone Your Pick-Up Skills Online

When you’re confronted with a beautiful woman that may or may not be interested in hooking up with, you’re often going to find yourself wishing you’d had time to rehearse a pick-up line or two. If you’re a little awkward in the come-ons department, a little practice probably wouldn’t hurt before you head out to the club looking for a little action. The thing is, how are you going to try out your lines if you don’t do it in person? This is where you discover that the Internet has yet another great use—you can practice your skills with the ladies online before you decide to risk it with the ladies in the real world. Dating Websites Your best bet for honing your pick-up skills? Signing up on a dating website. You’ll have instant access to scores of women looking for guys that are interested in hooking up. Not only that, but you don’t need to fear rejection like you would offline. If the woman you’re trying to hit on isn’t interested, you can simply move on to the next one. You can also judge how slick your lines based on how the ladies react. If their immediate response is to laugh and log off, you might want to consider…

Competing with Other Dudes at the Bar

There’s no bigger buzzkill for a guy out on the prowl than walking into a bar that’s jammed full with a bunch of other dudes. While this is definitely not the ideal way you saw your night going, it doesn’t mean you have to walk away empty handed. With a few smooth moves and the right approach, you’ll have everything you need to rise above the rabble and get a little closer to the handful of girls hanging around. Desperation Is a Deal Breaker In this situation, the biggest way to blow your shot is to come off as desperate. A quick look around at the competition will show you why. Instead of coming off as cool, calm, and collected, these guys struggle against one another, begging for attention and a chance to buy the few girls at the bar a drink. If it’s the only thing you do when you go out, avoid falling in line with these douchebags. Women can’t stand desperation, so don’t get caught up in the rush and let your opportunity build to the right moment as you work the room. Not Every Girl Wants to Drink Like a Frat Boy Another thing you’ve probably noticed is that every guy and his brother tries to…

Cheap Gifts to Give on a Hookup Date

“Go for cheap small gifts” Giving a gift on a first date is something that’s gone out of style. What used to help men get laid from time out of mind has given way to cheapskate urge of the modern era. However, there is a way that you can balance frugality and sensual gift giving: give her something cheap that still packs a lot of punch. If you’re trying to charm her into bed with you it’s easier to do than you may think. Here’s some advice to get you the right gift at the right price. A Specialty Candy You don’t have to buy a pound of candy to impress your potential hookup. Just go to the candy shop and ask for a couple wrapped pieces of their very finest truffles. These little treats will be expensive for candy, and for something that small, but in the grand scheme of life they’re actually cheap. A $6 truffle will seem incredibly expensive until you realize that for $12 you can get her a romantic gift that will knock her socks off. It’s an echo to the days of yore that a romantic woman can’t resist. Plus, there only being two makes them more special and elegant. A Single Flower “She’ll…


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Our Top Picks for Hookup Sites

#1 Site: XXXConnect
#2 Site: FuckBookNet
#3 Site: EstablishedMen
#4 Site: AdultFriendFinder
#5 Site: EroticAds


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