Tips for Asking Out That Woman at Work

We’ve all been in this spot before: trying to get some work done at the office or in the shop, only to be distracted by the smoking hot chick that works the same shift. While most guys would just leave well enough alone and keep their hopes of asking this girl out stuck in fantasy land, you don’t have to be a part of this group. With the right approach and a few key tips, there’s nothing stopping you from swinging for the fences and landing a date with the dream girl at work. Cut out the Extra Noise Before going any further with your plans, it’s important to prepare for all the talking that comes with asking someone out at work. Because people can’t help but gossip and stick their noses into the business of others, you’ll need to be ready to cut out all the extra noise and warnings that pop up from time to time. Whether it’s the old saying about dating coworkers or letting it slip to your buddy in accounting that you plan on asking her out, these distractions can wreak havoc on your confidence and focus as you try to work up the courage to get things in motion. Keep It Casual Once you’re…

How to Tell Which Women Clean up Well

If you’re used to seeing a woman in a nonsexual context it can be tough to know whether or not you should pursue her. If you go to work every day and you see the same woman often enough, you’re going to start wondering what it would be like to get with her. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cool beam that would let you see what a woman would look like if she slipped into a dress and put a little effort in. Still, if you’re looking for the right clues you can get a few clues to help you pick out which work place women you should be trying to get into bed with you. Long Hair Looks Better “She has got beautiful hair” The longer her hair, the more chance that she’s going to be hot if she cleans up and puts in the effort. Long hair takes more effort to maintain. It means that she puts in the effort to take care of her looks. This means that when you get her alone, she’s probably going to know how to take care of the rest of her body as well. Plus, there’s more to hold on to. Long hair can be tied up to give the look of…

3 Tips for Picking a Tie

“Women get impressed by men who wear ties” Ties add that touch of class you’ve been looking for. If you’re heading to somewhere a little more formal than the local bar in the hopes of meeting a date, you can’t go wrong with a trendy tie on over a button up. However, deciding which ties are trendy and which are going to make you look like that hot girl’s dad when he’s trying to impress the boss can be tricky. When you don’t have a woman to drag around with you all day to make sure that you’re looking good when you’re shopping you can turn here for the three tips you need to make a good choice. Novelty Ties Aren’t Cute Before we go anywhere else, you know that novelty ties are not cute. You have every planet in the solar system on your tie? That’s not going to impress her. Not even if it glows in the dark of a club. Novelty ties are never more than visual gags. You want to make a woman laugh, but by how witty and interesting you are. A novelty tie is a cheap laugh that’s not going to get you any closer to your goal of getting a woman to take…


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