Why the Wingman Gets Laid More Often

Being the wingman is a little bit like being the third wheel on a tricycle. You’re the one making things lame, but it wouldn’t even be possible without you. Everyone’s relying on you to make things run smoothly. If you’re feeling down because you’re going to have to be the wingman at the next night out and you think your time will be ruined, think again. Wingmen get laid way more often than the men they’re trying to set up. Here’s why it’s better to be the wingman than the main man when you see a score of hot women. Hard Sell Versus Soft Sell “Don’t forget that you are the wingman” Pushy salesmen make sales. It’s not like no one has ever bought a used car from a man who practically stuffed one down their throats. Hard sell works. The tactics that they use might be harsh, but they’re effective. The main man in your set up is the hard sell guy. He’s here to make sure that the ladies have sex with him. Him, him, and only him. It’s all about pushing that one option. It often works out, too. So there’s nothing really wrong with that. On the other hand, there’s you. You’re the wingman. You’re the…

Topic Starters for Hookups

“Ask open ended questions” Hooking up with someone has a very obvious end-game in mind. But in this modern age where hookups can be made online with very little thought, we all eventually realize that you’re going to end up with a really awkward conversation if you don’t start it right. Topic starters are important in many settings, but the tone, speed, and probability of your hookup can rely on it heavily. Go in with a strong start and you’ll find that you’re going to get laid way more often and won’t have to awkwardly stumble into the situation. It’s Just So Simple… The simplest way to greet someone online is to send them a message saying hello and asking how they’re doing. Unless she’s a complete 10 you’ll find that most women respond back. Exchange the niceties and you’ll find that it’s easy to discover something in common that you can use as an excuse to hangout. Just make it clear in a very non-threatening way that you’re wanting to do more than hang out. Avoid all winky faces and stick with something like, “I would love to hang out with a beautiful woman such as yourself”. You’re complimenting her, yes, but you’re also signaling that you are physically…

Keeping a Hookup Going

Sometimes a hookup is just too good to stop. If you’ve found someone that you actually want to keep having sex with then you’re a lucky guy. But you have to go about this very carefully. There are different outcomes to keeping a hookup going, and you’ve got to make sure to take the steps that lead you to what you ultimately want. Think hard on what you want this woman to mean to you ultimately and get to action. Your Girlfriend “It is important to have some dates before you proceed to sex” This is sort of the easiest one. Women tend to have sex with people that they find physically attractive and would want to see more often. They aren’t the type to hit it and quit it all that often. So you have a pretty high chance of being able to date this woman simply because you’ve already gotten her to have sex with you. Congratulations. From here on out just continue contacting her regularly and set up some dates before you have sex. Little things like going to the movies, getting dinner, and going out after sex all add up way more than you’d think. Women equate all of this spending time together as you showing…

4 Ways a Bad Wingman Will Bite You

A wingman is the best chance you have of making a good impression on women. Cold approaches are a dangerous game to play, and they often end badly. Sending your wingman in first to get them warmed up and ready for you is the best way to do things. If you don’t choose wisely however you may find that your wingman is doing you more harm than good. Here are four great reasons why you shouldn’t let just anyone be your wingman. Steal Your Chance “He is trying to score this chick for tonight even after being a wingman” The worst thing a wingman can do is steal your chance with a woman. If he goes up to her and finds out that she’s ready and willing, the first thing that he should do is call you over. There’s nothing that he should do to enjoy her on his own. That’s against the Wingman Code. When he’s acting as a wingman for you, his goals are your goals. A really bad wingman is really just out for himself. He doesn’t really care about you making it, and he’ll turn on you’re the second he finds a woman who just wants casual sex. Make the Women Uncomfortable A wingman’s job is…


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