The Best Threads for a First Date (Based on Setting)

One of the most important parts of a first date is your appearance. She’s going to be judging you on how you dress for this occasion, just like you’ll be judging her (even if you won’t admit it). Depending on how fashion-inclined your date is, the threads you wear may either make or break the date. If you want to make a great first impression but aren’t sure how to do so, you need to learn what clothing is acceptable for certain situations. Once you know the basics, you’ll be ready to go no matter what the setting for the first date is. Upscale Restaurant If your first date is going to be taking place at an upscale restaurant, it should go without saying that it’s NOT okay to show up in your ratty jeans and an old polo shirt. “Upscale” often translates to “fancy” for many people, and chances are good that your date will feel the same. This doesn’t mean you need to rent a tux for the occasion, but it does mean you should dress up a bit. Wearing a sport jacket is a great (and easy) way to dress almost any outfit up. If you insist on wearing jeans, make sure they’re dark and relatively new-holes…

Getting Over the Awkward Hookup

“This date is surely not going the way it was supposed to” When you’re getting ready to hookup with someone there’s going to be a huge air of excitement. This hot chick is totally going to let you do her, and it’s not even pity sex or anything. But just because it could be awesome doesn’t mean that it always is. Truthfully, a majority of the time you’re probably going to run into really awkward circumstances and find that you’re trying to sneak out most of the time. This is sad, and may make you feel like you never want to hookup again. We’re here to help you get over this silly feeling so you can move on to your next jump off. Why Was It So Weird? First you’ve got to figure out what the hell happened that made everything so weird. Most likely there was no one at fault, but the hookup happened despite a lack of chemistry. A lot of times guys will do anything to get laid, including the fact that you and your dick have different ideas of what’s bang-able. Your dick may not care that she’s a completely shallow rich girl, but he’s not the one who has to talk to her after everything…

4 Ways to Keep Her Interested All Night Long

It can take a lot of time to convince a woman to go home with you. Even though you know who you want to go home with at 9:30, she might not be ready to let you take her home until 1:30. This gives you four whole hours to kill. Anyone who’s familiar with hooking up can tell you that a lot can go wrong in four hours. If you’re just running out the clock until the time that you can try to take her home, here are four ways to pass the time and keep her eyes on you. Keep the Topics Coming “Start some interesting conversation” Don’t let the conversation flag. No matter how long you’ve been talking you should still have more things to talk about. Bring up movies, bring up current events (of the lighter sort; movies that are coming out, celebrity mishaps, and the like. Steer clear of landmines like religion and politics), say anything so that she’ll keep talking to you. If you have to listen to her tell stories about her cat for 8 hours then that’s what you need to do. She has to keep talking to you. Make a Lot of Jokes If you’re not usually the funny guy then this…


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#4 Site: AdultFriendFinder
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