Obvious Signs That She’s Not Interested in Hooking Up

It’s a fact of life that most every guy is going to strike out romantically at one point in time or another. That’s just the way it goes. Sometimes this rejection is mildly embarrassing and sometimes it’s downright humiliating. The latter reason is why so many guys are scared to try hitting on women. However, if you learn to read the signs you don’t need to fear striking out. You can just avoid that less than ideal situation altogether. Not sure how to read the signs? Well, here’s good news for you: all you need to do is keep reading. We’ve outlined all the obvious signs that a woman who ISN’T interested will show. Aversion to Being Left Alone With You There’s no greater sign that she’s not interested than the fact that she will go to great lengths to get the hell away from you. Maybe she thinks you’re creepy. Maybe she’s uncomfortable with men. Maybe she just really has to pee. Whatever the reason, if she clears the room as soon as she’s left alone with you it’s a really good indication that she’s not in any way interested in hooking up with you. This can be kind of hard not to take personally, but you shouldn’t let…

How to Change Your Posture to Appeal to Nervous Women

Not all women are used to being the center of attention. If you spot a gorgeous lady who seems too nervous to really be out tonight, you don’t have to back off. In fact, if you can manipulate your body language you could be the only guy in the room she can look in the eye. It can take a little practice, but follow these tips when you’re approaching a nervous woman and it could be the first step towards relaxing her all the way into your bed. Uncross Your Arms “That’s not the right way to sit” Crossed arms might be great for showing off how muscled you are, but it doesn’t do much for how friendly you look. A timid woman always needs to feel like you like her and you want her to be around. Having a warm and welcoming posture is a big part of that. Stand with your arms lose at your sides. If you’re a person who habitually crosses his arms then this is going to feel a little weird to you at first. Rest secure in the knowledge that it looks perfectly natural. You look open and friendly. Slump Your Shoulders a Little “Sit confidently in the right posture if you want to…

3 Tips for Picking a Wingman

“Let your wingman do his job by being on the side” A good wingman is essential to your pursuit of hot tail. He’s the guy who goes in to scope out the situation, he talks up the object of your desire and preps the ground so that she’ll be ready to receive you. He lets you know that you’ve got someone in your corner and he stops you from making bad choices because it’s the end of the night and you haven’t found someone to go home with you yet. How to pick a good wingman is a tricky subject, but these three tips will clear most of the bad choices off the field. Find a Guy Almost as Hot as You Don’t use an ugly guy as your wingman. A lot of men feel like if they have an ugly wingman they’ll look hotter in comparison. That’s true, but the real truth is that if you’re hotter then you’re going to look hotter no matter what. If you’re a 9 then you should have a 7 or an 8 for a wingman. What you want to happen is this. Your wingman approaches a group of hot women. In that group is the one that you’re hoping against hope is…


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