What Your Online Dating Profile Should NOT Be Saying About You

It’s tough sometimes online to figure out what you should be saying and what you shouldn’t be saying. This is especially true when it comes to filling out your profile after you sign up on a dating site. You want to give the right kind of information, but too much or the wrong kind of information can either lead to you getting no attention from the ladies or lead to you getting bad attention from other people entirely. If you’re not sure just what you don’t want your profile to say, keep reading to find out. How Much You Earn As temping as it might be to boast about your salary online, it’s a really bad idea. Yeah, it might attract some attention from the ladies but it will be for all the wrong reasons. Unless you’re looking to become a sugar daddy, you might want to keep that kind of thing quiet until you know a woman better. Boasting about how much you make a year is also a bad idea because it can attract the attention of other people who are only interested in scamming others. If someone is so inclined, they might try to hack into your bank account or credit card account, merely because they saw…

What to Do When Casual Sex Becomes Not So Casual

Everything about casual sex relationships is awesome. No commitment, no emotions, no expectations-it’s pretty much the dude version of heaven. Unfortunately, most good things aren’t built to last for extended periods of time before wearing down and this is also true for relationships based around sex. As much as you want it to keep going the way it is, chances are that it won’t. When this happens, things can get kind of tricky because you need to find a way out of the relationship that isn’t going to lead to broken hearts, rage, and name-calling. Not sure how to go about it? Just keep reading. All the advice you’ll ever need is right here. Remind Her of the Agreement Most people who are doing the “friends with benefits” thing or just hooking up every now and then with a casual acquaintance have talked about it to one extent or another. Usually what’s talked about is how to avoid making this amazing situation into a train wreck relationship. Both sides probably agree to not take things too seriously and to only want each other for sex. Simple enough, right? Unfortunately, when emotions get involved all that stuff flies out the window. So if your partner starts dropping the L-word and starts…

Using Online Sites to Find Hookups

Finding a date for tonight isn’t as hard as you might think. Even if you make it clear from the start that you just want to have a little fun tonight and then never call again, you can have that. Thanks to the magic of the internet you can always find a horny woman who just needs you to take care of some stuff for her. If you’re not familiar with using a dating site to find hookups instead of romance, listen up because this is how you do it. Always Make the First Move “Don’t expect that a woman will send you the first message” Don’t wait for women to approach you. They are bolder online than they are in real life (which is great news for you) but that doesn’t mean that you can just sit back and let the invitations roll in. You have to put the effort in yourself. You don’t have to wait for things, and it’s really not that hard to type up a simple introductory message and share it around with a woman or two. You can’t assume that she’s going to make the same move, and rejection online hurts a lot less. Don’t worry about a rude woman failing to see how…

How to Hone Your Pick-Up Skills Online

When you’re confronted with a beautiful woman that may or may not be interested in hooking up with, you’re often going to find yourself wishing you’d had time to rehearse a pick-up line or two. If you’re a little awkward in the come-ons department, a little practice probably wouldn’t hurt before you head out to the club looking for a little action. The thing is, how are you going to try out your lines if you don’t do it in person? This is where you discover that the Internet has yet another great use—you can practice your skills with the ladies online before you decide to risk it with the ladies in the real world. Dating Websites Your best bet for honing your pick-up skills? Signing up on a dating website. You’ll have instant access to scores of women looking for guys that are interested in hooking up. Not only that, but you don’t need to fear rejection like you would offline. If the woman you’re trying to hit on isn’t interested, you can simply move on to the next one. You can also judge how slick your lines based on how the ladies react. If their immediate response is to laugh and log off, you might want to consider…

4 Common Excuses Women Give to Blow You Off

Men aren’t the only ones who give people the brush off. Women have also been known to tell men what they want to hear in the most condescending manner in order to blow them off. If you think that she may be trying to let you down not all that gently, be on the lookout for these four common excuses. Women use them all the time, and if you hear one you should just pack it in. She’s not going to be swayed by you, no matter how much you work out. You shouldn’t waste your time with a woman who doesn’t want you. There are plenty of grateful fish in the sea. She Doesn’t Feel Well “She’ll tell you that she is not feeling well” People sometimes don’t feel well. It happens. Even when they’d otherwise love to be having the time of their life riding you like a bucking stallion, they don’t feel well. When a woman doesn’t feel up to it, she’ll apologize and try to figure out when she can reschedule do that things will work out. When she’s making it up, all you’re going to hear is that she can’t go out with you or have you come over because she doesn’t feel well. End…


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Our Top Picks for Hookup Sites

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